Customer Spotlight: Locus Robotics

Each month, we spotlight one of our great customers. For December, we’re highlighting Locus Robotics!

Right now, as you’re reading this, warehouses around the world are buzzing with activity. Customers are ordering from ecommerce sites, products are being assembled, lifesaving medications are being packaged and shipped.

One of the things all those warehouses have in common is the need to fill orders quickly. That’s where Locus Robotics comes in. The Massachusetts-based company is the market leader in autonomous mobile robots for fulfillment warehouses.

The company’s robots offer a solution to retailers and third-party logistics  operators, industrial/automotive, and healthcare companies worldwide. Robots that speed up the picking process are a must to stay competitive in the growing ecommerce market.

TJM Promos has had the opportunity to supply custom lanyards and lapel pins to this innovative company for several years.

“Our pins are seasonal: Halloween, Christmas, and for our current and new customers,”  said Locus office manager Lisa Mansour. “We have Go Live pins, bot pins, and pins used to recognize employees.”

Customer reaction to the pins has been overwhelmingly positive,” she added.

“The feedback we are getting from our customers is awesome! They LOVE the pins! They want more!”

Like their customers, Locus Robotics was looking for a more efficient way to do business when they chose to order pins from us. They had already ordered lanyards from us previously.

“We used to get our pins for another company,” Mansour said. “But it took 5 to 6 weeks to get them.  So after talking with (sales representative) Erick, we decided to get them from TJM.  We get them SO much quicker, and the are vibrant, colorful and we love the size of them.  Much better than the other vendor.  Oh, and the cost is better. And Erick is so great to work with.  He responds quickly, very professional and just a nice guy.”

With an endorsement like that, what more can we say? Oh, Mansour did add one more thing:

“Just sent Erick another order for 2021.”

Thank you Lisa, for that, and thank you Locus Robotics for your confidence in TJM Promos! We’re honored to play a role in your success!

For more about Locus Robotics, check out their website: