Customer Spotlight: Gator Joe’s Beach Bar & Grill

Gator Joe’s is a well-known local hangout that’s incredibly popular here in central Florida. On the shore of Lake Weir, Gator Joe’s offers picturesque views and great food, all less than 45 minutes away from TJM Promos.

Katie, the general manager of Gator Joe’s, recently came to us looking for some promotional products, and needless to say, we were happy to help!

We caught up with Katie, who talked more to us about the restaurant and some of the promo products they were looking for:

What can you tell us about Gator Joe’s?

Gator Joe’s is a local beach bar and grill, located on the sandy beaches of Lake Weir, in Ocklawaha. It was established in 1926 and has since been a popular destination for locals as well as tourists. People from all ages come out to Gator Joe’s to enjoy the white sand, hot sun, cool water, and the family-friendly Key West style atmosphere. Some arrive by car, while others arrive by boat or seaplane.

Gator Joe’s was built in 1926 and got its name from a large alligator “Old Joe” which lived in Lake Weir. When the FBI intercepted a letter from a notorious gang member referring to “Old Joe” living in a lake near their hideout, they were able to track down Ma Barker and her gang, right here in Ocklawaha. This is where the 4-hour gun battle took place and ended the criminal career of Kate “Ma” Barker and one of her sons.

Gator Joe’s, open 7 days a week, offers inside and outside seating, although the popular choice is outside by the water. The back deck stretches out over the lake, and is a front row seat for the most amazing sunsets! The Lake Weir sunsets, as well as the storms that drift in, result in breathtaking photos. The menu offers a wide variety of seafood, as well as burgers, salads, steak and ribs.

What brought you to TJM Promos?

We chose to work with TJM Promos because a few good friends of mine and previous long-time employees of Gator Joe’s, Matt Maio and Matt Jarrett, started working there. They discussed the many things that they did and offered at TJM, and I became interested in working with them. Since they both worked here at Gator Joe’s, I knew they were familiar with our clientele as well as what would fit and work for us here at Gator Joe’s. In working with Matt Maio, we have come up with some merchandise items that have been a hit!

What types of promotional products have you used so far?

The first thing we ordered from TJM Promos was our color changing mood cups. We got them in a variety of colors: red, orange, blue, green, and purple. Our logo was printed on each cup and when a cold beverage was added it changed the color of the cup. We started getting creative, and festive for the holidays. We started using the different colored cups when making certain frozen cocktails, adding whipped cream, a shooter tube, fresh fruit, colorful straws and a popsicle. These drinks took off and we had had to quickly order more cups.

We have also ordered visors — camo and black with our logo. These have sold quite well also. We are now waiting on our color changing shot glasses and our “Best Tail in Town” stickers.

For more information about Gator Joe’s, visit their website at: If you’re in the area and want to stop by, their address is: 12431 SE 135 Ave, Ocklawaha, FL 32179. Tell them TJM sent you!

For more promotional products, take a look at our product page or contact us to learn more about 800,000 other types of products we offer!

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