Customer Spotlight: Heather Wyman, FANS

Each month, we spotlight one of our great customers. This month, find out about a terrific health education program right here in our hometown!

Heather Wyman is the Project Director of Fitness and Nutrition in Schools, known as FANS. Offered through the Marion County (Fla.) Hospital District, it’s a program to reduce childhood obesity rates.

“We introduce kids to veggies and fruits in gardens and greenhouses,” Wyman said. The organization also provides resources to enhance physical education, to give students ways to be up and moving more in their P.E. classes. FANS Clubs at local schools also promote peer-to-peer health awareness campaigns, and conduct taste tests and fun physical activities at school.

Wyman came to TJM Promos after hearing about us from a colleague at a local advertising agency. “When I told him what I wanted to do with this project, he told me … TJM were the people for the job!”

Wyman orders spirit shirts, water bottles, lanyards and other items from TJM on a regular basis for both staff and students.

“We hand out FANS swag at every event we put on,” she said. “Whether that’s a school-wide taste test, staff meeting or community event, my goal is to have as many students and staff as possible wearing or carrying something with the FANS logo on it.”

The “Let the Beet Drop!” shirt is a particular favorite. That’s one students and staff have to earn.

“Students and staff love the FANS swag we hand out,” Wyman said. “They beg for the shirts!”

TJM is grateful for Wyman’s trust in us to provide the best quality custom promotional products at the most affordable prices to this great program.