Big Game Predictions 2017

Every year, we like to make predictions on who will win the big game on Sunday. This year was certainly no different, with responses ranging from incredibly detailed breakdowns of the game from Adam to a super-weird image from Greg.

Here’s what we think will happen:

Adam H:
Falcons 31 – Patriots 28
M. Ryan 24-36, 289 yds, 3 TDs
J. Jones – 5 rec, 98 yds, 1 TD
Brady – 18-31, 247 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT
V. Beasley – 2 1/2 sacks
MVP – V. Beasley
Keanu Neal – 1 INT, 9 tackles
Go Gators
“I need all of that in there.”
A. Hardy – 12 wings, 37 chips with dip

Max M: Pats 27 – Falcons 21

Rick C: Star-Spangled Banner 1, Luke Bryan 0

Ashley B: The Packers, duh.

Sara M: Down with the Patriots, Falcons all day every day!

Shawna S: ‘R.I.P. New England Patriots’

Greg W:

[Ed. note – we have no idea either. This is what Greg sent when we asked for predictions.]

Cody C: Atlanta Falcons 31, New England Patriots 27. Matt Ryan has been practicing with flat footballs all postseason just for this game.

Mark A: All I care about are the chicken wings and commercials.

Kim W: Falcons 45-21

Matt M: Patriots: 17 – Atlanta: 24 with Tom Brady still somehow winning MVP of the game.

Sean E: UF 1000 – FSU 0 – UM -10

Absolom H: The New England Patriots are going to pull off late. NE-35, ATL-17. It should still be a good game. I don’t bet against cheaters.

Zach P: Patriots, 35-28. Bet.

Vito G: Patriots win, hands down!!!!

Matt G: Falcons 38 > Patriots 30

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