What We Can Learn From #TheDress (It’s Blue/Black)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past 24 hours, you’ve probably seen the debate over the color of “The Dress.” Some people see white and gold, some see blue and black, while others say blue and gold. It’s been a very polarizing debate that’s not only been all over Facebook and Twitter, it’s also made its way to TV news programs.

Even here at TJM, the debate has been raging, with many of us taking one side or another. (Seriously, you should have heard us this morning.) One thing that’s been evident with not only us, but the rest of the internet is that even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the dress is a certain color, many people still stick to their original choice.

The dress debate raises a serious issue we see on a daily basis at TJM. Being part of the promotional product and custom apparel industry (or any other type of printing business, for that matter) means that color is a huge part of our job. From inks to wristbands to threads and more, we know our customers have specific colors in mind for their products, so making sure we find the right color is important.

That’s why we use Pantone colors to find the right color for your products! We know computer monitors and smartphone screens have different settings, and colors might look very different to you than they do to us. With the Pantone number, you can not only see it on your screen, but you can look up the color at a print shop or other physical location to see it with your own eyes. The last thing we want is a situation like this dress where you see white, but we see blue!

So let “The Dress” be a demonstration of how important it is to find the correct color for your products! We want you to be completely satisfied with every product you receive from us, and we know having the correct color is a large part of that.

By the way, it’s blue and black. Let the debate rage on.