Congrats Shane and Mike!

TJM Promotions has long understood that we are only as good as our employees, and without the right people working here, we would be nothing. The team we have now is the best it’s ever been, and as such, we’re always both proud and sad to hear when one of our own is moving on to something new.

Our Marketing Director Shane Pack (pictured on the right) recently announced he’s leaving to take a job as GIS mapping engineer for a south Florida firm. Shane has been a part of the TJM family for more than a decade. He was originally hired as a digital artist. As we grew, Shane took on more and more responsibility, eventually leading to his role as Marketing Director, managing our advertising, website design, online content, and more.

While we’re sad to see Shane go, we’re also excited to announce that Mike Wall (pictured on the left) will be stepping up to a leadership role as our new Technical Director. Mike will oversee everything from building websites to handling advertising to managing our internal systems and more. Mike has been with TJM nearly as long as Shane, and we have the utmost confidence in him to handle his new responsibilities.

We wish Shane the best of luck in his new endeavor. We know he’ll be a great employee no matter where he goes, and he’ll be missed at TJM. We’re also excited as Mike takes on his new role as Tech Director. Thank you both for everything you’ve done and for all that you’ll continue to do!

P.S.: Mike was handed the keys to the company car and told to strike a pose, and this was the best that he and Shane could come up with:Mike-N-Shane-2

Yeah, we don’t know what’s going on there either…