Here’s What We’re Looking Forward To Next Year

Let’s end 2021 on an optimistic note. With another year just around the corner, we asked our staff here at TJM what they’re looking forward to in the new year. Here are some of their responses:

New Arrival, Part One!

What I am most looking forward to in 2022 is being a new father. My wife Lauren and I are expecting our little girl at the end of this year, and we couldn’t be more excited to take on this new adventure together.

Matt Fischer


 New Arrival, Part Two!

For 2022, I’m looking forward to the new addition to the family!

The only thing this time that should be easier is knowing how to put the baby in the car seat We never practiced before (Jameson, now 4) and literally had to figure it out in the pickup line at the hospital.

Shannon Moore


Watching Children Grow and Thrive!

I am excited to see my children as they grow and learn in 2022. My son Jeremiah, a junior at West Port [High School], plans on enlisting in the Army Reserve, and will leave me this summer for basic training. Ahhhh… I’m not ready, but I’m so excited for him and his ability to follow his heart of service.

My daughter Emma — a sassy two years old going on twenty — will be getting her first bicycle, and I know she is going to do fantastic.  Watching her learn and grow, asking questions, and playing with her creative imagination are the highlights I cannot wait to continue to see everyday.

Heidi LaCentra


A Fitness Resolution!

To put the workout equipment I bought last New Year’s to better use.

Calder Dougherty


More Space, More Art!

I recently reclaimed my office/studio, which was many other rooms for a while: a baby’s room (until he moved into his brother’s room when old enough), the guest room, storage, etc. I’m looking forward to clearing out the clutter and making it my own. I even bought a pre-owned art easel so I can get back into painting.

Kristen Berardi


More Art, More Travel!

I’m looking forward to doing more Anime and Comic Conventions to sell my art and products! Hopefully, while doing so, exploring new parts of the U.S. with my wife in the process.

Chance Miller