Power to the People, TJM Style!

We love to support our hometown in every way we can. In July, we got amped up for the new murals in downtown Ocala, so we wanted  to encourage folks to get out and see them. To do that, we left some free power blocks at the murals. Finders keepers! Then we spread the word on social media as “Watts Happening Downtown,” .with instructions for the finders to take a selfie and tag us. Sam Maynard III (pictured above) was one of the lucky finders!

“The idea behind it was to have our local community go downtown and see our city’s newest murals that have been popping up,” said TJM’s Ryan Holland. “So not only did they get to see some amazing artwork, they also got something they could use. We quite literally put our brand in their hands.”


We’re always looking for more ways to promote the arts and our great city, Ocala!