Back To Work Essentials For A Post-Virus Economy

Welcome back to the world! I’ll give you a few moments to let your eyes readjust to the sun. I know it must be a lot to process after living like hermits for a few months. Now then, ready to get back to work? Let’s make sure you’re well-prepared to handle the return traffic of customers and employees alike in this brave new world of treating public health and hygiene as a priority rather than a second thought.

Don’t be like Jodie Foster

If you’re like me, you don’t want to be making contact with anything, let alone buttons and touchpads and door handles that everyone else is getting their germs all over. Gross. Don’t let that stop you from going into Peachwave and touching every topping though! Go in confidence with these contactless door opener keychains. Made from solid brass, which has natural antimicrobial properties, you can be sure that you’re not going about your day gathering everyone else’s bacteria into one giant superbug ready to destroy.

Our contactless keychains come in three different shapes as low as $2.79 a piece with free shipping in the continental US! Get one for everybody in the office or offer them at the register for a quick cross-sell before your customers take their change and run.

If you sign it, they will come

Though we live with the universe’s collected knowledge in our pockets, you can’t count on everyone to check online to see if you’re back open. There are too many distractions, like TikToks of hens babysitting litters of kittens. How do you get anything done when that exists? Anyway, when people inevitably lift their squinting heads toward the sky, punch them in the face – with information! We have a variety of banners and signs available to let customers know you’re back in business, baby. Whether you’re offering curbside pickup or have resumed full dining room service, a 3’ x 6’ matte vinyl banner that screams EAT MY FOOD at potential customers can be yours for only $52 delivered.

And that’s just the start. Need basic ‘Come In, We’re Open’ signs? Got you covered. Need a 7’ sail sign to flag down motorists and entice them into the store? We have that too. Need a giant 25’ inflatable gorilla holding a sign with your message? You must be a car dealership, and yes, we can help you too.

They won’t turn your face green

They’re finally ready. We’ve been getting so many requests for USA made masks, it’s unbelievable. We understand the hesitance around people wanting to order internationally shipped products, so we’ve made sure to source the best and most affordable domestically manufactured masks available. These three-ply, 100% cotton jersey masks are treated with copper and silver ions that defend against harmful microbes when detected, making them a powerful tool in conjunction with regular sanitizing. These masks currently come in black or white with an American flag detail stitch in safely polybagged packs of 5.

Let’s be honest – you don’t have time to go home and wash your mask every night. Have one ready for every day of the week until the laundry fairy comes. Get 25 masks for $190 while supplies last and supply some to your employees or loved ones!

While the threat of COVID-19 still looms, we all have to do our part in combating it. Arming yourself with the tools and knowledge to keep everyone around you safe is imperative, even more so now that the country is beginning to reopen. Making sure you’re prepared is always worth the investment! Contact us below for more information on these or any other product that will help set you up for success in the post-virus economy!

If you got all three references, let us know which movies they were in your request for 5% off!