Custom Patches for Marketing Boost Your Brand

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If you’re looking for innovative ways to promote your business, brand or organization, it’s time to consider custom patches. Custom patches for marketing are a way to reach potential customers you might not otherwise reach.

Think about it. Custom embroidered, woven and PVC patches are just about everywhere you look today. They’re great for shirts, vests, jackets, backpacks, hats and just about anywhere else. It’s a great way to reach a target market you might not otherwise reach.

Why? Consumers are more media savvy today than at any point in history. They’re skeptical of print ads. They can tune out broadcast, podcast or digital media. Patches are an old school, more subtle way to reach them with your brand. An attractive patch design can catch their eye and prompt them to explore your brand further. And compared to other marketing methods, they’re remarkably economical.

Custom Patches for Marketing Help Consumers

Patches aren’t just for show. They help boost customer confidence in your brand and your business.

When you take your car or truck to a garage, do you look for an A.S.E. patch on the sleeve of the technician who will be working on it? You should. That patch shows the tech has completed advanced training on your vehicle’s systems and equipment. That’s an example of custom patches for marketing in action.

Patches are especially helpful if your business routinely sends employees to other businesses or to customers’ homes. A uniform with your logo or brand reassures the customer that the person they’re letting in is trustworthy.

Boost Your Brand at Events

Patches are also an outstanding means of promoting your brand at events. Attached to caps or hats, they’re perfect for tournaments, tennis matches, and other sporting events. At conventions and trade shows, patches can boost traffic to your booth. Give them away as part of a contest or door prize raffle, and you’ll increase brand awareness and positivity.

Think Outside the Mug

There’s nothing wrong with traditional promotional products like mugs, tumblers and pens. But today’s marketplace demands more. Businesses large and small need to use different strategies to reach fickle consumers.

If your brand could use an awareness boost, don’t be afraid to think outside the traditional boundaries of promotion. Custom patches for marketing are an innovative, cost-effective way to increase your customer base. Call us today at 800-423-0449 (toll free), or email us at [email protected] to find out more!

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