Custom Reusable Straws: Good for the Environment and the Bottom Line

In the 1967 film “The Graduate,” a friend of his parents offered a single word of career advice to young Benjamin Braddock:


At the time, plastic was the material of the future, and indeed became the material of choice for much of modern life. But in recent years, we’ve discovered the downsides of the wonder material, especially the long-term environmental concerns. That single word has become closer to an expletive than an exhortation.

Consequently, many communities nationwide are starting to ban single-use plastic straws, requiring conversion to more earth friendly alternatives. One of the fastest growing trends right now is reusable straws. They’re not just environmentally sound, either – they’re also a hot new custom promotional item!

More and more consumers, especially Millennials and Generation Z, are becoming more aware of their environmental impact. As a result, they’re rejecting single-use items and purchasing reusable alternatives. That includes straws made from materials such as stainless steel or silicone.

A Straw for Any Purpose

Of course, paper straws have been around for decades as a low-cost alternative. But they have their drawbacks. Many people find them unpleasant to drink from. And like their plastic counterparts, they’re typically single-use. While they are biodegradable, many users prefer not to contribute them to the waste stream at all.

Enter the reusable alternatives. Metal and silicone both have their advantages. Both are an economical choice. Stainless steel or aluminum straws can be more durable. Silicone straws are likely to have a more comfortable mouth feel for many people. You can even combine the best of both worlds with metal straws that have silicone tips. Other alternative such as bamboo and even glass straws are also available.

No matter which style you choose, your straws can be custom imprinted with text or a logo. They’re a great way to reduce your organization’s plastic waste and showcase your brand at the same time.

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