Customer Spotlight: Chief Warrant Officer Daren Johnson

We appreciate all our customers, and like to tell their stories each month with a Customer Spotlight. In November, we honor our military customers. This month, we’re proud to share Army Chief Warrant Officer Daren Johnson’s custom coin design.

CW4 Johnson is currently serving as a Battalion Safety Officer and Airfield Safety Officer in Iraq. He based his design on the Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and related movies.

“In Army Aviation, for a pilot, there are four main jobs or ‘tracks.’ Once one of the soldiers that I work with found out that I have all four, he kept making the comment that I was collecting tracks like Infinity Stones,” Johnson said.  “So the idea just stayed in my mind to create this coin.”

Each track has separate responsibilities and is difficult to master. Achieving all four is extremely rare.

“Most aviators may gain two, possibly three tracks, over their career,” Johnson said. “I have had the pleasure of operating in the capacity of each track during my career so far.”

Working with Sgt. Joseph Smith, who originally suggested the idea to him, and our TJM Promos graphic arts team, Johnson refined the details of the coin he wanted.

Four Tracks, Four Stones

Each color stone in the coin represents one of the tracks Johnson has mastered: blue for Standardization (Instructor Pilot); red for maintenance (Maintenance Test Pilot); orange for Safety (Aviation Safety Officer); and green for Aviation Mission Survivability.

On the reverse, the coin features wings to indicate Johnson is a Senior Aviator; the Prop and Wings branch insignia for Army Aviation; and the CH-47F helicopter that Johnson flies.

Johnson had never ordered custom coins from us before. He was impressed with the services our art team provided.

The team member he worked with “was very thorough and patient with me while he assisted me through the process, Johnson said. “With every change, he made sure the details were exactly what I wanted.”

So far, 26 soldiers have received Johnson’s coin.

“Because I am a Senior Official within our Battalion, it’s customary to have my own personal coin,” he explained. The coins go to soldiers that have “gone above and beyond, well outside of the scope of their positions and responsibilities, when working with other personnel from the different branches of our armed forces or coalition partners. Or, if I go to different exercises, training events, or events where I’m a guest speaker, those individuals who exceed the standard, sponsor me as a speaker, or have been selected for special recognition, may receive my personal coin.”

A Message for Fellow Soldiers

In honor of Veterans Day, Johnson offered a message to his fellow soldiers.

“To all of my brothers and sisters in arms that are spread across all four corners of the world, to all of you and your families, past and present, I want to say that I am truly proud of each and every one of you! I greatly appreciate your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your families in their altruistic, courageous, intrepid, and unwavering commitment in service to this great nation!”

From all of us at TJM Promos, thank you, CW4 Johnson, for your order. And thank you and all your fellow active duty service members and veterans around the world who sacrifice so much to keep us free.