Raising Funds for Relief Efforts? Consider Custom Wristbands

With the recent earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Ida’s destruction in the Southeast, many people want to help. If you’re looking for ways to raise funds for disaster relief, consider custom wristbands.

Wristbands? Yes. They’re an outstanding way to raise cash fast for worthy causes. They’re a low-cost, high-profit item that is ideal for conveying a social message and raising money at the same time.

In 2010, one school in Ohio raised $5,000 for Haiti earthquake relief in less than three weeks. The wristbands were imprinted with the words “Help Haiti Heal.” Students, parents, faculty and staff bought the wristbands to support the cause.

Wristbands Bring Cash Fast

The great thing about wristbands is the more you buy, the less each one costs individually. You can literally buy them for pennies and sell them for dollars.

For example, if you order 100 wristbands at $1.77 each and sell them for $5 each, you’ll clear $323 for your cause. But if you order 3,000, the price drops to just $.39 each. Sell those for the same $5 price, and your profit goes to $13,830. And wristbands are an easy sell.

Still not persuaded? Lady Gaga raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2011 for Japan hurricane/tsunami/nuclear disaster relief – in 48 hours.

A simple message on a basic wristband works best. A debossed wristband (like the original classic yellow one) with a short message of just 3 to 4 words is just fine. Of course, you can always use any style wristband you want, and add color and other options as well.

We offer free shipping on non-rush wristband orders (minimum order required), and we don’t charge sales tax unless shipping to a Florida address. We can help you get your fundraising campaign up and running quickly. You can show your staff, customers, students and faculty how easy it is to make a difference in the world.

If you want to raise funds fast for a worthy cause of any kind, wristbands are an outstanding fundraiser. Call or email us today and let us show you how easy it can be to help causes that matter to you.