Stay Home, Clean, and Comfy: 5 Gifts For Remote Workers

With the whole country starting to open back up, it’s more important than ever to stay safe and vigilant. For those employees still working from home, the months of isolation are starting to take their toll. There is no better way to show your support than by sending them a care package! Here are some great gifts you can give your staff to show you care about their health and well-being in quarantine.

Custom Cotton Face Masks 

By now, most people have procured a stash of disposable masks. Not everyone has their own reusable mask though! If they do, they likely don’t have multiple masks to use throughout the week. Provide one for your employees with your very own custom design printed on the front. These 3 layer cotton masks include a PM2.5 filter and contour to fit the face without impeding vision. The filter is replaceable, and each mask comes with black or white outer bindings and ear loops to match your custom design. Convince your employees to be cautious by wearing their company-issued mask out in public by documenting it on social media for an extra incentive (whatever that may be for you!) You can’t beat that kind of advertising, and your staff will stay happy and healthy. These custom reusable masks start at $6 each, so get started on your very own design today!

Antimicrobial Pens 

I know, that sounds weird, but only because you’ve never heard that combination of words together before! In this day and age, suppliers have had to innovate when it comes to their standard products. We’ve found the one that can promise to protect your hands AND brands! Pens are one of the germiest items in our everyday lives, so it only makes sense to nip those germs in the bud wherever we can. These Colorama pens are molded with a plastic that includes an antimicrobial additive to fight against the transmission of over 99% of bacteria and other microorganisms. They can also be decorated using full-color technology to include your brand’s logo or motto! Choose from one of six base trim colors and provide your staff with germless pens so they can feign taking notes in Zoom meetings without pretending to risk their well-being! Get these custom pens for 55 cents each while supplies last!

FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer 

If you’re like me, you missed the boat when it came to hoarding sanitizer. Even those big-brained people who bought a few bottles at the start of quarantine are starting to see their stores diminished. Now you can provide your employees with a 4 oz. snap-top spout bottle of FDA approved hand sanitizer customized with your own logo on the label! This 80% alcohol antiseptic liquid formula is the one recommended by the World Health Organization for fighting the spread of COVID-19. It can be yours for just $3.50 each with free shipping to the continental US! Arming your staff with the best tools on the market to stave off the virus and stay healthy couldn’t be easier.

Sweatpants For All Occasions 

Let’s be honest – remote workers have been chilling in their pajamas for months now, and why not? Just throw on a cardigan for the webcam and you’re golden! Treat your employees to the fresh new pair of sweatpants they’ve desperately been needing. These Sport-Tek fleece joggers’ moisture-wicking and anti-static technology make them perfect for working out AND lounging. Your staff can go right from the computer chair to the yoga mat to the couch without ever needing to change! They’ve even got pockets so they don’t lose their phone while watching the microwave go round and round and round and… anyway, get these flattering sweatpants in black or grey in both men’s and women’s sizes for only $25 each. We can even add an embroidered logo detail for only $5 more – just ask our sales staff about customization options!

Custom Thank You Coins 

Working from home sounds like an easy gig. However, ask anybody who works a remote job for a living and they’ll tell you it’s just as stressful and twice as lonely as a normal job. The impersonality and need to self-manage most of the time can be equal parts liberating and exhausting. The majority of workers who have had to adapt to working from home full time during this crisis are starting to feel it too. Let them know they’re appreciated for going above and beyond! Presenting them with a challenge coin as a reward for their flexibility and dedication is the perfect way to do just that.

Challenge coins have a long, proud history going back as far as ancient Rome. They have traditionally been given out to award excellence in exceptional times by great leaders. They have since evolved, becoming increasingly common in both the public and private sectors. We can help you design your very own custom challenge coin to thank your employees for all they’ve done and continue to do. Click here to get started with a free quote!

These are all just examples of the million different products we can offer to help create your very own gift bundle to thank your remote workers! Keep them safe, happy, and healthy and they’ll return the favor. If you’re interested in any of these products, or have questions about any other custom items you can think of, fill out the quote form below to get started and our sales staff will be in contact to assist you!