AMC’s Mad Men patches for Season 6!

Shortly after getting commissioned to make the Walking Dead crew patches, we received an order for another awesome AMC show. In a genre that’s quite different from The Walking Dead, this time we made some patches for season 6 of Mad Men. The Mad Men patches featured the title and logo of the show with the number six for the current season. Along with The Walking Dead, Mad Men has won multiple awards and accolades and is filled with top notch actors and actresses.

John Sanders, the property master from The Walking Dead, was kind enough to refer us here at TJM Promotions to U.R.O.K. Productions, based in Los Angeles. He was interested in some patches for the film crew of Mad Men, and we were happy to work with him. The Mad Men patches were 3”, 75% embroidery patches with the Season 6 logo. The excitement we have for our patches to be worn by some of the best people in the business is through the roof!

Mad Men is a show based in the 1960s and follows Don Draper, an ad man who works for an advertising agency. He’s joined by a fantastic cast of supporting characters, many of whom have won awards for their roles. It’s a show with excellent characters and settings, and is the only basic cable show to win an Emmy for an Outstanding Drama Series, which it has won for multiple years. The new season of Mad Men starts on April 7th, and this season looks to continue the success the show has had in previous years.

We’re huge fans of the show, and we are thrilled to be getting some orders from some of the top shows on television. We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds, and what other opportunities we have to work with some big name clients here at TJM Promotions!