Custom Business Coins are the New Business Cards

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When it comes to doing business today, the rules have changed. No longer are ordinary paper business cards sufficient to get your message out to customers.

Old-fashioned business cards just don’t make an impression any more. You need something to present that makes people take notice.

That’s where custom business coins come in. With a distinctive presence, business coins make your contact information instantly memorable.

Paper business cards are inherently disposable by nature. They have no real weight, and people don’t really value them. That makes them easy to accidentally lose, or be tossed into the trash intentionally.

What Makes Coins Better

While a business coin might carry exactly the same information, it’s harder to disregard. People see extra value in something they can feel a real heft to, and perceive value in something that looks like actual currency.

Business coins have another major advantage as well. They make your business stand out. If a dozen competitors give a prospective customer paper business cards and you give them a custom coin, that’s sure to keep your business fresh in their mind when they consider who to contact.

Custom coins give you plenty of room to include your business name and logo, contact information, product photo or other designs you want to add. The design can be as simple or as intricate as you want.

Select from a range of coin finishes and color options for your design. It’s never been easier to craft coins with a dramatic look that will give your business a competitive edge.

It’s true the ways of doing business have changed in recent years. The advent of video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings can make it more challenging to establish rapport with prospects. Why not send them something memorable, something that’s fun to carry or display on their desk? It’s a way to establish or re-establish that connection.

Beyond an everyday use, business coins also make an ideal way to commemorate company milestones as well. If you’re introducing a new model, celebrating 50 years in business or announcing the construction of a new facility, coins can tell the world. People appreciate souvenirs of significant events.

All in all, custom business coins are the new wave of conveying business information in a compact, attractive, cost-effective manner. For more information about how business coins can help your bottom line, click here.