Custom Patches are Billboards for Your Brand

Ever notice billboards?

What kind of dumb question is that? Of course you do. They’re impossible to miss! They’re in cities, on the highway, out in rural fields. You read them as you drive by, just as we all do.

And do you know why you see so many billboards across the country? Because they work. They get your attention and showcase a brand, an experience, an event, you name it. People see them.

Now think of custom patches. What are they, if not a miniature billboard? They’re a way to get your brand or logo out there for the public to see, just like a regular size billboard is.

If you want to improve your brand’s visibility in the public eye, custom patches are a great way to do it. And they can boost consumers’ trust at the same time.

Consider this. Let’s say you run a business that requires access to customers’ homes. Say air conditioner repair, for example. The average Joe or Jane Consumer is typically wary of folks who come to their door these days, and understandably so.

A simple name patch sewn onto your employee’s uniform reassures them your representative is who they say they are. That lowers the customer’s anxiety and gets the relationship with the repair person off to a positive start.

What if you’re a band and you want to promote yourselves into that big break? There’s no better way that giving away – or selling – custom patches with the band name for your fans to display on jackets, shirts or jeans. Those fans will help get the word out to exactly the target demographic you want.

Simply put, custom patches are proof you don’t necessarily need giant billboards to get your point across. The size depends on who you need to reach. Something as small as a rectangular name patch can broadcast your message to the right audience at the right time, if you’re prepared.

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