Health Care Lanyards — An Ideal Way to Carry I.D. Badges

If you’re a health care administrator, you want to make your facility both as convenient and as safe for your staff as possible. With most facilities now requiring staff I.D. badges, it can be challenging sometimes to find the best way to carry the badges.

That’s where we come in. We offer a full range of custom lanyards that can promote your facility logo, brand or motto, give your employees the most convenient way to carry ID or key cards, and keep them safe at the same time.

It’s a simple fact that clip-on badge holders can be dislodged from clothing accidentally, resulting in lost badges. If it’s a key card, that results in lost productivity as the worker must replace the card in order to do their job. And pin-on badges can damage clothing.

Lanyards, on the other hand, are a simple, convenient way to carry I.D. badges or key cards in a way that’s difficult to lose. They keep the badges or cards visible and at a useful working level for door locks, scanners and more.

Safety First With Breakaways

Of course, one of the biggest concerns in any health care facility is safety. What happens, for example, if a confused or hostile patient grabs a nurse’s I.D. badge while they’re wearing a lanyard?

If your lanyards are properly equipped with at least one safety breakaway, nothing serious. The lanyard pops loose with two open ends before the wearer can be injured. That’s why we offer safety breakaways as a FREE option on every lanyard we sell.

These simple, reusable plastic pieces separate the lanyard cleanly, then can be snapped back together later.

We can even equip your facility’s lanyards with multiple breakaway points if necessary. As someone tries to grab the lanyard ends, the lanyard simply breaks into smaller and smaller pieces until there’s nothing left to choke the wearer with.

You want to promote your brand or logo while giving your staff a safe, convenient way to carry their I.D. badges and key cards. Our custom lanyards with safety breakaways are the ideal way to do it. Call or email today to find out how our lanyards can serve your facility.