Now Is The Time to Review Your Marketing Strategy for 2022

As we’re getting close to the end of 2021, have you considered your marketing strategy for next year?

If you use custom promotional products, now is the perfect time to think about what works best for your needs. Do your students react well to lanyards and wristbands? Do potential customers respond to patches, pens, caps and t-shirts?

It’s all about what’s right for your specific needs. That’s where we can help. With more than 800,000 customizable products to offer, our experienced staff can help you select the perfect mix of products for your school, business, nonprofit or other organization.

Now is the time to have a custom marketing program ready to go in January. It’s the ideal time of year to analyze what’s worked well for you over the past year and what might have been less successful.

The past couple of years have admittedly been different than before, with the pandemic causing changes in buying habits, school enrollment and many other aspects of life. But now that things are starting to return to something close to normal patterns, you can anticipate a degree of return to traditional roles for promo products.

T-shirts are still a great, casual way to promote just about any cause. They’re also ideal for arts promotions, new bands, school events and the like. They’re a time-tested classic promo item for good reason.

Polo shirts are a more upscale version of the same idea, perfect for events such as golf tournaments, horse shows and charity sports of all kinds.

Wristbands may be small, but they’re a fantastic, fast fundraiser for disaster relief or other charitable causes. They’re a terrific means to promote school spirit too.

Custom patches and lanyards are idea for businesses dealing directly with the public. Both make excellent trade show giveaways as well.

That’s only a small sample of the many promotional items we offer at TJM. We can imprint your logo or brand on mugs, pens, golf umbrellas, electronics and much, much more. And we can do so in a way that will perfectly mesh with your overall marketing objectives and with your budget as well.

Why not give us a call or email us and talk to one of our friendly, experienced staff members who will be happy to help you choose the perfect product mix? We’re here to serve all your custom product needs and help make 2022 your best year yet!