Promotional Pens: A Dependable Mainstay


You’re doubtless familiar with the most common promotional item on the planet – the pen. Anyone who writes in ink has used promotional pens at some point, at the very least to sign their name. It might have been in the bank, the doctor’s office, the supermarket, or just about anywhere else that requires a signed document of some kind.

Chances are, you’ve also received a giveaway promo pen (or a few dozen) over the years, possibly from the same, bank, doctor’s office or supermarket. They’re simply everywhere. You’ve used it, you’ve read its custom imprint, you’ve thrown it into the trash when the ink ran out.

That’s the life of an old-fashioned promotional pen. But newer versions are proving more useful and valuable to recipients, ensuring that pens remain a dependable promotional mainstay.

Old School: Disposable Promotional Pens

 The classic stick-style disposable ballpoint has long been the default promotional product for many organizations. The low price means they can be bought in bulk and given away freely, distributing your group’s name far and wide, especially at conferences, trade shows, conventions and even in retail stores.

But the reliable standby has problems in today’s world. For starters, the non-refillable style gets tossed into the trash when it runs out of ink. Your branding message goes with it.

The click-top ballpoint that can accept refills is better, but unless it’s exceptionally well made can face the same fate. It’s just not something most people attach much value to.

Another factor is the digital revolution. With electronic document signing and so many forms and documents available online, there’s less demand for pens than there used to be. That also devalues the basic pen, simply because fewer people use them.

So how can you use custom pens to promote your brand? Don’t worry. There are plenty of products available that will increase their perceived value and turn your promotional pens from trash to keepers.

New Rule: Higher Standards

 The answer is better pens. Give people something they’ll want to use and keep. Rollerball and gel ink pens are a good example. Both have a better writing feel than a standard ballpoint.

Speaking of feel, don’t forget how the pen feels in the hand. Comfort grips are more popular than ever. They give the pen a better grip area, and can even help improve handwriting legibility. They also lend a more upscale feel than a hard plastic pen body. More perceived value means more use, and more exposure to your brand or logo.

Too Cool: Top of the Line

To boost the value even more, go for pens with a built-in stylus for phones and tablets. That’s something today’s consumers are far more likely to keep and use. They don’t have to break your budget, either. Economical styles are available from any reputable promotional product provider.

If you’re looking for an executive gift, or something to reward achievement, add your logo to the classic executive-style pens. Available in rollerball or ballpoint, they raise the bar from everyday pens to something special. You can have the pen barrel engraved with the recipient’s name, your company name or other text.

For the ultimate executive style, go for a fountain pen. These long-time classics add a touch of elegance that’s sure to be appreciated by dedicated staff members or long-time customers.

No matter what style of promotional pen you need, TJM Promos is your one-stop source. We offer a wide range of top quality pens in every price range and suitable for every purpose. We’re a full-service promotional products supplier, offering more than 800,000 custom products. If you’d like to find out more, email us at [email protected], or call us toll free at 800.423.0449. We look forward to the opportunity to serve all your custom promotional product needs!