Be Sure Your Brand or Logo is Clear

Things are not always as they seem. Take a house, for example. The artist formerly known as Kanye West has a unique description of one.

Ye, as he now prefers to be called, recently told CNN that a house is “an idea imposed upon us.” To which the Wicked Witch of the West would probably reply “No kidding, Sherlock.”

Of course, she probably has her own interpretation, considering the fact that Dorothy dropped a house on her sister. And while the Wicked Witch (NOT known as Wi) would call the house a murder weapon, Dorothy would call it either home or an accident.

In any event, many things in life are subject to interpretation, confusion, ambiguity or misunderstanding. That’s why it’s important to have a clear representation of your brand or logo on your marketing materials.

You want your logo or brand to be clear on first sight. Make sure it stands for what you want it to.

Keep it simple. If you have text in the logo, keep readability in mind. Some bands, for example, typically of the heavy metal variety, like to embellish the logos they print on posters and merchandise. Go too crazy with the fonts, though, and the end result is a logo that’s illegible to begin with, and will reproduce even worse.

If you want your promotional products to have maximum impact, talk to us. Our talented, experienced graphic artists will gladly help you tweak your existing design, or create a bold new one. Of course, if you have a well-established design that you’re happy with, we can reproduce that one precisely as well.

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And watch out for falling houses.