Workplace Wellness Keeps Employees Healthy and Productive

Meeting the challenges of the modern workplace is not always easy. Deadlines, budgets, customer retention, and myriad other issues can take their toll on our sense of well-being.

It’s especially important for managers to understand the need for work-life balance. June is Professional Wellness Month, a perfect time to consider some of the things both employers and employees can do to maintain that all-important balance.

Workplace wellness is most effective as a collaborative effort between both employees and employers. Both can take steps to maximize mental and physical wellness. And high job satisfaction levels can help reduce staff turnover.

Professional Wellness is a Two-Way Street

Employers should encourage staff members to take vacation or PTO time as appropriate. A break from work can do wonders to restore positivity. A couple of days to unwind, rediscover hobbies and catch up on household chores may be just the thing to keep someone motivated.

Proper workplace equipment is important. While items such as standing desks, adjustable chairs and ergonomic keyboards might seem extravagant, they can save the company money in the long run. Good ergonomics reduce workplace injury claims, and enable better performance on the job.

Another way to help your staff cope is by introducing stress relief concepts in the workplace. Fitness or relaxation classes before or after work, a staff exercise room or a lounge area for use during breaks can boost moods and creativity.

Social events can build team spirit and collegiality among coworkers. Bowling parties, board game nights, group trips to theme parks, escape rooms or amusement parks are all good ways to encourage getting to know each other. Family participation boosts the benefit even more.

Stress Management is Key

Stress management is a key component of wellness. To help your staff keep their stress down and their morale up, consider giving them a Rest and Relaxation kit. You can customize these kits for your workplace, and even have the various products imprinted with your company name or logo.

One kit, for example, contains a range of soothing products that can inspire creativity. They include a star-shaped massager; a small gel bead hot/cold pack; ear plugs and eye mask; a travel neck pillow, a rubberized lip moisturizer ball; an adult coloring book and colored pencil set; and a jute tote bag to hold it all. Your promotional product provider can furnish these ready-assembled kits, or you can customize the contents to create your own.

Ultimately, anything that helps your employees maintain their work-life balance helps your bottom line. Why not start in June to ensure your employees know you appreciate their hard work and dedication? Recognize that a balance between the workday and family life is the key to happiness and both personal and professional success. To find out more about relaxation kits and other stress relief products, click here.