Celebrate National Psychic Day With Custom Coins

We’ll bet you saw this one coming. Happy National Psychic Day! It’s a day meant to allow people to test and maybe improve their psychic abilities. But you knew that.

Some people claim everyone has a sixth sense or psychic ability that they might not be aware of. Ways to test that include trying to guess who’s calling when your phone rings – without looking at the screen, of course. Trying to guess the color of the suit of a card drawn from a deck.  Or trying to predict whether a flipped coin will land on heads or tails.

It’s that last one that we’re particularly interested in. See, the trick is, you don’t have to use a plain old, ordinary coin. It’s fine if you do, but why not get a bit more creative about it?

Coin Design Doesn’t Need a Crystal Ball

Custom challenge coins are popular for many purposes. So why not create one in celebration of psychic powers? You can craft a design in any style you like. As long as the two sides are distinct, the coin will work just fine for flipping purposes.

Design a coin with your family crest, military unit logo, company brand or any other design you like. Pass coins out to family, friends, staff and customers. You can even make a promotional stunt out of coin flips. Have a “flip-off” in your business, The person who accurately predicts the most flips wins a prize. It’s a great way to foster involvement.

Look, we don’t pretend to know if psychic ability is real or not. We do know that custom coins are a terrific way to promote your brand and have fun at the same time. With an open mind, you can’t lose.

Other Special Days

If you’re not persuaded by National Psychic Day, don’t fret. It’s also National Friendship Day, National Sisters Day and National Lighthouse Day.

While any of those can be a great reason to celebrate with challenge coins, let’s focus on one more — Aged Care Employee Day. Caregiving is an exceptionally demanding job in any setting. Those who work tirelessly in nursing homes and care centers often don’t get the recognition they deserve for their hard work.

Custom challenge coins are an excellent way to show those dedicated staff members that you value their hard work and caring touch. Design a coin that honors their contributions, present it at a staff meeting, and you’re sure to help organizational morale. They will carry and display a well-designed coin with pride wherever they go.

The simple fact is that custom coins are an outstanding way to recognize people, honor hard work and dedication, and even have fun. Take a look at our Challenge Coins page to find out more.