Custom Lapel Pins: Your Secret Weapon Against Staff Turnover

It’s no secret there’s a serious labor shortage for many businesses and even entire industries right now. If you’re a business owner or company manager, you want to do everything you can to reduce turnover, right? We have just what you need. Custom lapel pins can help you retain good employees.

Obviously, custom pins won’t solve all your turnover issues, of course. But multiple studies have shown that people tend to leave jobs when they don’t feel appreciated. More than money, job satisfaction and recognition are key factors when someone’s considering whether to leave.

That’s where custom pins come in. They’re a fast, easy, cost-effective way to show your staff that you appreciate all their hard work.

Pins can work for your business on several levels. Start with the most basic approach – the classic years of service pins. Many employees take pride in their years on the job, and no wonder. Any job is a serious time commitment, and when someone has dedicated years of their life to a company, they want to be recognized for it.

Present Them Company-Wide

An annual company-wide ceremony is an excellent way to show employees you value their contributions to the company’s success. Managers can present pins representing one, five, 10 or more years of service to employees, along with brief remarks about each employee’s contributions to the department. It might seem like a small thing, but those staff members will wear those pins proudly, and will surely remember how the ceremony made them feel.

Another proven approach is to present pins for specific achievements. Say the sales team hits a major sales goal. Or the research team develops an important new product, especially if it’s on time and on budget. You can even recognize the marketing department for boosting SEO metrics for the company website.

We offer a full range of lapel pin sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes. Call or email today to find out how custom lapel pins can help your business weather the labor shortage!