Patriotic Challenge Coins Honor Dedication

Custom Challenge Coins - Fire Department Challenge Coins by TJM Promos 6

You’re familiar with custom challenge coins as promotional tools. What you might not have considered is that patriotic challenge coins are an outstanding way to showcase patriotic events and honor veterans, active duty service members, public servants and more.

If you want custom coins to celebrate holidays like the Fourth of July, it’s easy to order challenge coins from reputable providers such as TJM Promos. We have a proud history of providing patriotic challenge coins to every branch of the United States Armed Forces. In fact, we’ve been doing so for 15 years.

With many options available, it’s easy to craft patriotic coins that you can display, present or carry proudly. In recent years, both military and civilian organizations have chosen to adopt patriotic coins as a way to honor members, employees, or customers.

Creative Shapes Enhance Patriotic Challenge Coins

Today’s manufacturing techniques and systems offer greater flexibility than ever before when it comes to custom patriotic challenge coin shapes. Any good coin supplier such as TJM Promos can supply coins in virtually any shape you want. Think outside the box, or circle. If you want waving flags on your coins, that’s no problem. You can design coins shaped like ships, aircraft, trucks, or just about anything else you can imagine. It’s easy to create custom coins that will be great-looking keepsakes.

Add Color For Maximum Impact

One way to maximize the visual appeal of your patriotic challenge coins is to add color. Red, white, blue, or just about any other color you want in your design will make them truly eye-catching. At TJM Promos, we give you up to five colors in your design free. Additional colors are available for a nominal additional price.

You also can choose the metal color for your coins. TJM offers gold, brass, silver, and more, even duo-tone designs for a unique look. Choose a contemporary polished style or classic antiqued look. The choice is yours.

Options Create Even More Style.

Additional options such as 3-D designs, offset printing, diamond-cut edges and more can give you custom patriotic coins even more style and classic flair. Your coin provider will work with you to make your design a true one of a kind.

When you’re shopping for custom patriotic challenge coins, TJM Promos is your dependable source for top quality coins at unbeatable prices. Our experienced, creative staff will work with you to create the perfect custom patriotic coins for any occasion. Want to know more? Call us toll free at 800.423.0449 or email [email protected]. We’re here to serve all your custom challenge coin needs!


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