Are You Ready for Your Logo to Rock the Beach?

Oh yeah, we’re headed into summer now.  Here at our Florida HQ, the temperatures have hit the 90s for the past couple of days. We’re still getting some cooling nighttime breaks, but it’s gearing up for those long days of 24/7 air conditioning.

The semi-annual parade of love bugs is underway as well. This little extravaganza of insect amorousness happens every May and September. As far as we can tell, love bugs exist only to do three things – fly, create more love bugs, and splatter into windshields. They’re a sure sign summer is near.

Don’t get us wrong. Florida summers are not all bad. Long days make great times for family get-togethers, grilling in the back yard, and rockin’ the beach.

Ah, the beach. Its siren call makes workdays too long, weekends too short. We’ve tried to persuade The Powers That Be to let us open a branch office on the shore, but no luck so far.

Of course, any trip to the beach requires certain essentials. Chairs. Coolers. Tumblers. Beach umbrellas. A Bluetooth speaker for the tunes. T-shirts. Flying discs.

You see where this is going, right? We can personalize ALL of those things with your brand or logo. We can get your name onto the beach in ways that potential customers can’t miss.

We offer every customizable product imaginable for the beach, the golf course, the baseball stadium. Wherever your customers go, we can put your brand out there too.

So what are you waiting for? We’ve got more than 800,000 customizable products, just waiting for you. Our friendly, experienced staff will be happy to help you select the perfect products to take your logo to the beach, the boat, the ballpark, or anywhere else you want.

Watch this space too, since we’re going to be offering some sizzling deals this summer. Ask your sales rep when you email or call us. Meanwhile, get that sunscreen and the floppy hats ready, and we’ll meet you on the sand!