Announcing the TJM Pizza Reheating Service!

Announcing The TJM Pizza Reheating Service!

Are you tired of cold pizza the day after delivery? Do you wish there was someone who could save you the trouble of putting the pizza in the microwave? You’re in luck!

With the new TJM Pizza Reheating Service, we’ll put your pizza through our fancy industrial dryer, making your pizza as fresh as it was the moment it left the local pizzeria!

Here’s how it works:

1. Send us your leftover pizza.

2. We’ll unpackage your ‘za, place it on the belt, and send it through the reheating oven.

3. The 300-degree temperature of the dryer – er, “reheating oven” – brings out the cheesy goodness, revitalizing your pizza for continuing consumption.

4. One of our pizza receivers will catch your pizza, repackage it, and send it on its way back to you.

5. Your pizza arrives on your doorstep, just as fresh as it was when the delivery person first dropped it off.

We’re excited for this new service for Ocala and the surrounding pizza-leftover-filled areas!

*Minimum one-slice reheating fee of $12 or one free pizza for the TJM crew, your choice.

The TJM Pizza Reheating Service – Saving You From Cold Pizza Since 2017!

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