Big Game Predictions 2016

Even though The Coates Golf Championship is in full swing this week, we haven’t forgotten about the other big sporting event happening this weekend.

We had a great time last year trying to predict the results, so we figured we’d ask around the office again this year to see what everyone’s thoughts were.

The results? Well…it mostly appears that we have a lot of wannabe comedians in the office, but there are a number of predictions here that may or may not be accurate. Take a look:

Zach P: “Panthers 35 – 21″

Adam: “Panthers 21 – Broncos 13
Cam Newton (MVP) – 18/27, 237 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 1 Rushing TD. Peyton Manning – 14/21, 180 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT”

Courtney: “I honestly don’t really care either way but something my dad said sounded pretty good. Let the Broncos win so Peyton Manning can retire on top and get out since he is old. I would say I laughed pretty hard but hey, it sounded good.”

Chance: “Carolina Panthers win.  27-14″

Zach M: “Bernie Sanders 2nd round TKO”

Terry: “Denver”

Jenn: “Carolina Panthers 28 – Denver Broncos 31″

Evan: “Left Shark”

Matt M: “Carolina Panthers 21 – Denver Broncos 24″

Rick: “Beyonce 152 – Coldplay 6″

John: “I predict that the Broncos will win the game by a score of 27-23 because of their smothering defense and Peyton Manning’s post season experience.”

Mark: “I just want to watch the commercials and eat chicken wings.”

Max: “Panthers 27 – Broncos 17″

Steven: “The Turanic Raiders will be defeated by the Hiigaran Homeworlders.”

Justin: “Broncos are going to win, but Cam Newton is going to get the Snitch.”

Vito: “Unfortunately The Panthers will win, even though this Patriots fan wants the Broncos to win.”

Frank: “The NFL owners by millions and millions.”

Whatever the results may be, the game is always a great time to hang out with friends and family. However you spend this Sunday, have a beer, soda, or chicken wing for us!

P.S. Justin has the right idea – they should totally add a Snitch (and/or a Bludger) to professional football.