Big Game Predictions 2015!

Many of us at TJM are football fans, and as there happens to be a rather significant game happening soon, we thought we’d ask around the office to see what the general consensus was for the outcome.

So here you go, our unfiltered thoughts:

Absolom: “Patriots 28 – Seachickens 14”

Vito: “Patriots Win!!!! 28-14”

Max: “Patriots 34-24”

Alyssa: “Patriots ARE going to win. Thats all you need to know. 21-17”

Steven: “I think the Cardinals are going going to win by one basket at the buzzer.” -Nice try, Steven.

Kim: “SeaHawks 31 – Patriots 14”

Mike: “As much as I wanna go with Seattle, I’m gonna have to say New England will probably pull off the win.”

Liz: “Seattle – 42 vs. NE – 36”

Zach: “Patriots 28-20”

Justin: “4 and half.” -Yeah, we aren’t really sure what he really means, either.

Rick: “Idina Menzel over Katy Perry — New York veteran beats California rookie.” 

Adam: “Patriots win 24 – 13, LeGarrette Blount wins MVP.”

Mark: “I’m only interested in the chicken wings and beer.”

Shawna: “NO” -Well fine, be that way then.

Brian: “Budweiser. Coke and Pepsi have been lagging lately. Doritos may run a close second. I don’t believe GoDaddy is even playing this year.” -Haha, this is a great one.

Shane: “Seattle – 22 Patriots – 20, I’m only participating so I don’t get fined.

Danielle: “Patriots all day! I’m not giving a score, but Brady must WIN.

So there you have it. Seems like most of the office is expecting a win from New England, but there are still plenty of Seattle fans here. Hopefully there won’t be any angry employees Monday morning!