Minimize the Middleman for Faster Fundraising With Custom Products

It’s no secret that costs are rising for just about everything at the moment. Inflation is taking its toll on every aspect of our economy. For nonprofit organizations, this can be a particular challenge.

School groups, youth league baseball teams, political causes, service groups and other such organizations typically function on lean budgets to begin with. Every extra dollar has to come from somewhere. Keeping the books balanced isn’t always easy.

One solution is custom fundraising products. With a wide choice of products ranging from custom stickers to t-shirts, candy, challenge coins and more, there’s an affordable product for just about any organization.

A quick web search will yield a bunch of fundraising companies. They’re a reputable way to go, but there’s a catch. Many take 50 percent or more of the revenue your group raises.

Here’s a little secret: there’s a better way. With the right products, it’s easy to run your own campaign and keep more of the cash.

A Better Way

Take custom silicone wristbands, for example. They’re a low-cost product that can yield a high profit margin.

The key is that the more you order, the lower the price per wristband. Let’s say you order 100 wristbands at a cost of $1.07 each. You sell them for $5 each. That means your $107 investment nets you a profit of $393. So far, so good.

But if you order 250 wristbands, the price drops to just 65 cents each. Sell them at the same $5. An investment of just $162.50 gives you a net profit of $1,087.50! You’ve just made nearly 3 times as much money for a minimal increase in your cost. And the price per wristband keeps going down the more you order.

Best of all, wristbands sell. People like to wear them to support a cause. It’s an ideal fundraising product for school teams, bands, clubs and other organizations. One school in Ohio raised several thousand dollars in less than three weeks for Haiti earthquake relief.

If you’re looking to raise money for a public service agency such as a fire department, police athletic league or similar, custom challenge coins can be profitable. Design a coin that’s memorable, and reflects your department or program. They’re an excellent way to commemorate specific programs and celebrate distinguished members of your department.

Full Custom Fundraising Packages

For maximum flexibility, you can put together a custom package of fundraising items. In addition to wristbands or coins, you can offer a full range of products, including t-shirts or polos with your team, band or club logo, custom pens, coolers, stadium cushions, tumblers, mugs, even Bluetooth speakers. Tailor your fundraising package to your community or school and you’re sure to raise cash quickly.

With a virtually endless variety of custom fundraising products available, there’s sure to be one, or several, ideal for your organization’s needs. With a trusted provider and a D.I.Y. approach, you can skip the middleman and boost the funds going directly to your organization. Call or email us today to find out how easy and fast it can be to raise cash for all your group’s needs.