Star Wars at the Marion Theatre

Hype for the new Star Wars movie is out of this world (pun absolutely intended), and the film is poised to break just about every record on the books. We’ve documented our love for the franchise a number of times previously, and everyone at TJM is excited to see the new movie.

Earlier today, TJM management announced that not only are we making Star Wars themed pins for the local historic Marion Theatre here in Ocala, the owners of the company, Mike and Trudi, also paid for all of us to go see the movie at the theater on the 18th!

Obviously we’re incredibly excited to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we can’t thank Mike and Trudi enough for giving us this awesome opportunity. We’ve said it before and we’re sure we’ll say it again, TJM really is a fantastic place to work!

P.S. We promise we won’t spoil the movie if you call or email us later that day.