Customer Spotlight: Runic Games

In early March, video game developers, publishers, and fans met in Boston for PAX East, a hugely popular convention held every year in the city. One of the game studios in attendance was Runic Games, who was in need of some custom patches to give out to convention attendees trying out their new game, Hob.

We caught up with Runic Games employee Wonder Russell, who shared a few things about the studio and their experiences at PAX East.

“Runic Games is a game development studio in Seattle. We’re known for our previous two titles, Torchlight and Torchlight II, and we’re working on our third title, Hob, which is releasing this year! Our team is on the small size of 25. We aim to make the kinds of games we want to play.”

Both Torchlight games released to rave reviews from critics and fans alike, and people are eager to try out the studio’s new game later this year.

Runic Games had a booth at PAX East with a demo of Hob for fans to play, and according to Russell, having promotional items to give away to convention attendees is a necessity.

“Earlier this year we were looking at what swag to make for PAX East. At these shows, swag is super important. We give swag to fans and to anyone who comes by the booth to play our game. We have the done the usual types of promotions like T-shirts and stickers, and someone suggested, “Why don’t we do patches?” we decided to look into it and when we got the mock-up from TJM, we were all pleasantly surprised at how awesome it looked.”

Russell mentioned Runic games found TJM via a Google search and they liked what they saw.

“We didn’t love the samples online we’d seen from bigger companies that tackle a wide range of products; we wanted to work with a smaller, specialized company. We loved the ease of getting a quote, and the mock-up sold us.”

Patches have always been one of our most popular products at TJM, and they’re currently more popular than ever before. Patches with pop culture references or unique artwork have become a hot fashion accessory, and a brief glance around Instagram or Etsy shows just how huge they are at the moment.

It’s no surprise, then, that Runic Games had to ration their new patches at the convention!

“We brought the patches to PAX East and they were so popular we ended up having to ration them! Everyone in the office was clamoring for one, too, so we had to make sure we stashed a few away. People were delighted, and loved that they were iron-on – no kidding, everyone was stoked to hear there would be no sewing involved. We hope to see these out in the wild!”


We’d love to see more of the patches as well, and if you have a picture of them, please share it in the comments here or on the TJM Facebook/Twitter/Instagram!

We also want to thank Wonder and Runic Games for sharing their experiences at PAX East! We had a blast designing the patches, and we love seeing them in action. Many of us here are also avid gamers, and we’re stoked to get our hands on Hob!

All photos courtesy of Wonder Russell/Runic Games.

For more information about Runic Games and Hob, please visit their website at:

You can also follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram!

For more custom patches, click HERE.

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