Product Spotlight: Vacuum Insulated Tumblers

Let’s face it, nobody likes coffee that was served hot to be cold by the time they drink it. And no one wants their soft drink or tea to be lukewarm with melted ice.

Fortunately, there’s a way to keep drinks at their perfect temperature for hours, whether hot or cold. Double wall, stainless steel vacuum insulated tumblers are the answer. The way they work might seem like something magical, but it’s really just a matter of science.

There’s no secret to “double wall.” It means just what it says, two walls between the contents of the container and the outside.

That works better than a single-wall cup, but not by a lot. They won’t keep your drink temperature stable for long.

Basics of Heat Transfer

It’s a matter of heat transfer. Heat always flows from a higher temperature surface to a lower temperature one.

Heat transfers from one area or surface to another in three ways:

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

Let’s look at how each of those affect your drink. Conduction is simply direct contact. If you’re drinking hot coffee, that means heat goes from the cup to your hand.

Convection occurs when the heat transfers from the source (like your coffee) to a cooler area by way of air passing over it. Even a light breeze passing by your cup or passing over the open top is enough to cool the contents.

Radiation is the heat waves emitted by the hot liquid that transmitted, reflected or absorbed by a colder surface.

The same things happen with cold beverages, just in the reverse direction.

What Does a Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Do?

Preventing all thermal transfer is impossible. But it is possible to slow it down substantially. That’s what a tumbler does.

Double wall construction is just the first step. The next step is creating a partial vacuum between the inner and outer walls and sealing the tumbler bottom.

The lack of air in the space between the walls eliminates conduction loss because nothing directly touches the inner liner that contains the beverage. A stainless steel outer wall reflects heat, preventing radiant heat transfer. Finally, the sealed container with a lid on top prevents external air from reaching the beverage by convection.

A well-designed tumbler will keep beverage temperatures stable for hours on end. That makes them perfect for the workplace, whether you’re in an office or out in the field. No matter if you want your coffee hot or your water cold, count on double wall insulated tumblers to make it happen!