What We’re Thankful For, 2020 Edition

What We’re Thankful For, 2020 Edition

In a year full of challenges both professional and personal, most of us can still find something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. Some members of our TJM family chose to share their thoughts:

Matt Fischer

This year I am thankful for my health.

Heidi LaCentra

I am grateful for all the blessings that happened despite the chaos! 2020 has strengthened my faith in adversity.

Shannon Moore

I am grateful for my family,  my job, and friends. This has been one heck of a year, but I think that it has helped make a lot of people stronger.  Stronger relationships, stronger mentally, stronger physically. Creativity has been forced out of people, which is amazing to me.  We’ve had to learn to entertain our kids and teach them.  People have learned new talents and skills to share with others through virtual platforms like TikTok.  People have had to get creative on how to make money.  Artists on Etsy, TikTok, Facebook,  etc. are so exciting to watch.  The amount of support and love people have for each other that I’ve seen is also very nice to see.  Some of these content makers have used their platforms to donate to people who are in need.

Kristen Berardi

I am thankful for FaceTime, Facebook video messenger, and (sometimes) Zoom. I’m grateful for the technology that allows me to talk to (and see) family out of state, and friends overseas. I guess I was already grateful for it, but even more so now during these pandemic times.

Matt Gray

I am grateful for my three beautiful daughters, Isabella, Violet and my newborn Scarlet. my amazing wife Stephanie, and successful business.

Brian Morse

I am grateful for

The joy in others
From something I created
The chance at forgiveness
Where once we were hated

Living in the heart
Of some other soul
Balance and stability
Though the world may roll

Music in my heart,
How is speaks to my fingers
Kisses of the past
That always will linger

Living in a time when,
Though the world may stall
Love and hope are still present
To catch us when we fall.