6 Must-Have Promotional Items For Your Next BBQ

Cookout weather is here! (And for us Floridians, will last until sometime in mid-January.)

There’s not much that beats a nice BBQ with friends, family, or coworkers on a warm afternoon or evening. No matter where you live, a cookout is a staple of the summer months.

If you’ve ever held your own cookout, whether for 10 people or 100, you know there are plenty of supplies required. You need a grill, meat, sides, grilling tools, drinks, seating – the list goes on.

With so many things required for a BBQ, why not advertise your business or organization at the same time? Give your customers a custom printed grilling set or can coozie and they’ll see your name or logo any time they break out the grill!

We made a list of 6 essential promotional products for your next BBQ. While we haven’t quite figured out custom printed chicken wings (yet), we feel these are the next best option! Let’s take a look:

1.) Can Coolers

No summer BBQ is complete without drinks in a can. Soda, beer, juice – whatever it is, it should be in a can. These coolers are available in a variety of colors, including camouflage, in case you don’t want anyone to see what you’re drinking. Hey…we don’t judge.

View Product: https://www.tjmpromos.com/product/custom-can-cooler/

custom sunglasses2.) Custom Sunglasses

Everyone knows all the cool people at BBQs wear sunglasses, and you want to be cool, right? Right?!

These rubberized sunglasses come in a huge selection of colors and feature a printed logo or message on the side. With UV400 lenses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, you’ll stay cool (both literally and figuratively) at the cookout. When you show up at work the following Monday with a sunglasses tan, everyone will know you know how to party.

View Product: https://www.tjmpromos.com/product/custom-sunglasses/

custom frisbee3.) Flying Discs

For legal reasons, we can’t use the other term for these, but you know what they are. Any cookout needs some flying disc action while you’re waiting for the grill master to finish cooking. Bonus points if you’re on a college campus!

Available in 6 colors and a 5” print diameter, your logo will look bright and colorful on the disc. The discs are made in the USA, so rest assured, you’ll be tossing around custom printed freedom.

View Product: https://www.tjmpromos.com/product/custom-flying-disc/

custom folding chairs4.) Deluxe Padded Folding Chair With Carrying Bag

Depending on where your BBQ is at, people are going to need places to sit. If you’re at a picnic area, there may be benches provided, but otherwise, people are going to need somewhere to sit and enjoy the BBQ you spent hours cooking.

This deluxe padded folding chair is easy to set up, portable, and features multiple printing locations for you to choose from. These folding chairs make great giveaways with your printed logo or message, and no cookout (or parade, or picnic, or just about any other outdoor event) is complete without them!

View Product: https://www.tjmpromos.com/product/custom-deluxe-padded-folding-chair/

Custom Portable BBQ Grill and Cooler5.) Portable BBQ Grill and Kooler

For smaller get-togethers like a tailgate party where you’re limited on space, this portable BBQ grill and kooler is the perfect option!

Kill two birds with one stone and pack everything together to keep from having to lug around a separate grill and cooler. This saves the trouble of adding insult to injury after your team has just lost and you’re STILL faced with the prospect of loading everything back into your vehicle. With the portable BBQ grill and kooler, you’re saved from that shame and can get out before the rival team’s fans try to heckle you. (We can’t help your favorite team win more games though, sorry.)

View Product: https://www.tjmpromos.com/product/custom-portable-bbq-grill-cooler/

3-Piece BBQ Set6.) 3-Piece BBQ Set With Case

No traveling grill master is complete without his tools! It’s important you keep them on you, you never know when an emergency BBQ may happen.

The 3-piece BBQ set comes with a spatula, grill fork, and tongs – everything you need should you be saddled with the responsibility of grilling the chicken, pork, or beef. With a 10” x 1.5” imprint area, this set also makes a fantastic giveaway to any budding grill masters at your company or event. With great BBQ tools comes great responsibility.

View Product: https://www.tjmpromos.com/product/3-piece-bbq-set/

And there you go: 6 great promotional products for your next BBQ! This is just a small sample size, however. We offer more than 800,000 promotional products, so chances are, whatever you want to print your logo or design on, we can do it! (Just don’t ask about the custom printed chicken wings yet, we’re still figuring that one out.)

View more summer products here: https://www.tjmpromos.com/products/seasonal-products/summer-items/

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