Celebrate Our Future STEM Leaders with DI and OM

Custom Trading Pins by TJM Promos | Destination Imaginations Pins 2

How’s it going out there? Is everybody starting to get excited about the prospect of things opening up a bit?

We are. We’re remaining optimistic that the Covid-19 vaccines will give us the opportunity to get back to more group activities very soon.

So are others. Destination Imagination, for example, is tentatively planning to hold its annual Global Finals this year in July. This event normally draws thousands of student participants, spectators, parents and visitors to an event celebrating the ingenuity of competitors from around the world.

 TJM Supports Destination Imagination and Odyssey of the Mind

We’re big fans of both Destination Imagination and its counterpart Odyssey of the Mind, and support their efforts to boost and celebrate STEM education. We’re also in favor of anything that allows students to collaborate in the current circumstances.

Both DI and OM had to cancel their international final events last spring because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But with hopeful news coming out just about daily, we’re confident both will be able to hold their big events this year. While OM hasn’t specified any information yet about World Finals, we believe it’s still possible.

Of course, we do have an interest in seeing these events succeed. We produce custom trading pins for both DI and OM events. We’re suggesting that DI and OM leaders consider ordering pins for this year.

Even if circumstances require virtual Global Finals or World Finals this year, participants can still benefit from trading pins, as a way to commemorate and celebrate the year’s projects.

But we’re hopeful there will be plenty of pin trading going on at the events. We’re hopeful thousands of young people will be able to safely get together and challenge each other in competitive problem solving. Most of all, we are hopeful they will develop the leadership skills in science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics that the world will need in the future.

We wish both Destination Imagination and Odyssey of the Mind the best. We’ll be among the thousands cheering you on as you move forward this year.