It’s Time To Order Baseball and Softball Pins

It’s coming.

Can you hear that…off in the distance…”take me out to the…”?

Listen. You can almost hear the pop of a baseball hitting a catcher’s mitt, the crack of bat striking ball. And almost – almost – the roar of the crowd.

You know it’s happening. Baseball and softball are on their way back! While nothing is certain yet, youth leagues all over the country are making plans to resume games and tournaments this summer. With more and more people being vaccinated every day, it looks like 2021 has the potential to be a great one.

And that means you need to think about ordering trading pins now. You don’t want your team to be caught short when the ballparks open, the bleachers are rocking and the pin trading gets fast and furious.

Now is the time to be designing and ordering trading pins for your team. Let our super-talented team of graphic artists help you create a great new pin style for your players that showcases their competitive spirit like never before!

Trust us on this – you don’t want to wait much longer to order pins. We’re already getting requests for quotes from our baseball and softball pin customers. The smart ones know it’s better to order early than to risk having no pins for your players to trade at the big game.

It’s important to order early because the manufacturing facilities for pins start to get busy in May, and they’re backlogged by June. An order that might take just two weeks in May could take three weeks or more by June. It’s a simple fact of supply and demand. There’s so much demand once the season gets started that the factories around the world just can’t handle it all at once.

So why wait? Start designing your team’s trading pins now, and place your order in April to be sure you get what you need. We make it fast, easy and even fun to order custom baseball trading pins. Check out our other great products for the games too – banners, rally towels, caps, tees. And of course we offer custom personal protective equipment such as masks and hand sanitizer as well.

At TJM Promos, we’re all set to help you gear up for what we know will be a terrific season for  your team. Call, email or fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form today and let us show you how great your team’s trading pins for 2021 can be!