Brand Identity Is the Key to Business Success

For businesses today, a brand identity is a must. Your product or service is competing for attention with everything else out there. And not just in your industry. Consumers are constantly being bombarded with ads, clutter and noise. Almost all of us have become experts at tuning it out.

If you want to break through the clutter, you need a symbol or logo that’s instantly recognizable. You might think that has to be big, loud and flashy. For some products, that approach can work. But don’t discount the value of a simple, subtle, understated approach.

What’s In a Name?

For many companies, just the name will suffice. Their names, in many cases become synonymous with the product they sell. For example, Frigidaire originally was the name of, you guessed it, a refrigerator company.

The company developed the first self-contained refrigerator in the early 1900s. The brand quickly became so successful that even today, many people refer to any refrigerator, regardless of brand, as a Frigidaire.

Other brands become household names using words and symbols. Do you know what shoe brand has a “swoosh” on the side? Of course you do. And you see the word Nike on the shoe tongue and inside.

Then there are the brands whose symbols have become so iconic that they don’t even need words. Take a certain German auto maker, for example. Whose vehicle features a three-pointed star in a circle?

Just about everyone on the street recognizes that symbol of Mercedes-Benz. But how many times do the words “Mercedes-Benz” appear on the outside of the car?

Just once, on a small logo on the hood, far too small to read if you’re not standing directly over it. Instead, the star stands for the quality, the prestige and yes, the price, of the brand.

That’s an example of how your choice of a logo can affect the perception of your product. Consider RAM trucks by comparison. The name always appears in capital letters, with a ram’s head shield above the name. That implies a rugged, ready-for-anything-you-can-dish-out product. It’s a far cry from the subtle approach of Mercedes-Benz.

You might prefer one style over another, and either could be right for your particular needs When it comes to establishing a brand or logo it really comes down to the specific product or services you’re selling.

Consistency is a Must

If you want to succeed, however, there is one particular key: consistency. You must be clear about what your brand represents. If people are confused about that representation, it lessens your chances for success.

Think of the two automotive examples above. Buyers of RAM trucks have a clear idea of what the brand stands for. Mercedes-Benz buyers know exactly what the three-pointed star represents as well. If either brand were to deviate from their perceived status, it could lead to losing sales to rival companies.

The best way to ensure your branding is clear is to have a thorough understanding of what you want to convey. Know what inherent qualities you want to represent.

Do you want to convey ruggedness, stability, strength? Do you want a logo that says elegance, luxury and exclusivity? If you’re wishy-washy about what statement your brand makes in the marketplace, your customers will be too.

When you have clear brand identity, custom promotional products can reinforce that identity. Getting your logo out into the community is a key step in boosting brand awareness. The more often people see your brand, the more familiar with it they will become. Eventually, your brand will develop a solid, consistent reputation.

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