Help Your Students Learn with Custom Success Kits

We know it’s early in the summer, and it feels like summer vacation has just started. But if you’re a teacher or school administrator, you know it’s never too soon to start thinking about back to school matters. Motivating young learners is a year-round task.

The first day of school is a great time to kick things off on a positive note. Little things make a difference. Custom school success kits can help you inspire and energize students and encourage a good school experience for the year.

It’s easy to put together a combination of items your students will need in the classroom and that boost school spirit as well. A few well-chosen things can really contribute, and need not break the bank.

Start Small

Start simple, with custom wristbands. Students, especially younger ones, love them. Basic debossed wristbands in the school colors, imprinted with the school name and mascot add a dose of fun and promote school spirit every day. If your school requires I.D. badges, lanyards can promote the mascot or motto while also reducing the likelihood of losing the badges.

Colorful custom bookmarks can help instill a love of reading. Next, make it easy for students to take notes. Add pencils or for older students, pens, highlighters and spiral notebooks. Help them be more productive and celebrate the school at the same time.

Even if your school doesn’t require uniforms, school-imprinted tees and polos are always a plus. They help foster teamwork and class cohesion, even among the youngest students.

More Great Motivators

Beyond the basics, there are other tools you can use throughout the year to keep the enthusiasm going. Custom challenge coins are a fun way to recognize academic or social achievements at any time of the year. Or you can use them to reinforce classroom lessons such as Red Ribbon Week.

Custom patches can also help improve classroom participation and increase positivity. Reward students with patches for attendance, conduct, science fair, math or debate contest wins.

When you’re looking for ways to keep students motivated and on task, custom products are an easy, fun, economical way to accomplish learning objectives. Little accomplishments mean a lot. As an advice columnist said recently “small things in big numbers equals big things.”

We offer a wide range of custom school items. You can order a pre-assembled kit, or create your own. For more information, click here.