Coffee Mugs, Calendars, And…Selfie Sticks? Here Are Some Lesser-Known Promotional Products!

At TJM, we make plenty of different custom promotional products ranging from patches to challenge coins, wristbands to trading pins, and most recently, shirts and other custom printed apparel. Those are some of the most common products we offer, but what about some of the other, perhaps lesser-known products we carry? Let’s take a look.

While custom calendars tend to only be popular during the beginning and end of each year for obvious reasons, these are still a useful way to promote your business or cause. Simply put your name or logo on a calendar of your choosing and add a magnet, ensuring your customers will see your name every time they look up a date or reach to grab a drink from the fridge.

LessPromo-BagBags: From recyclable tote bags to neoprene pouches to drawstring sports bags and more – bags are highly customizable and useful promotional products. Most people use some sort of bag on a daily basis, so what better way to promote your name than by printing it on something you know your customers will use every day?


LessPromo-CellCell Phone Accessories: Phone cases, screen cleaners, chargers, and other cell phone accessories are almost a necessity in today’s mobile world. We’ll put your business name or organization logo on any kind of phone accessory you want for you to hand out to your clients. (And yes, like we mentioned in the title, we even carry the selfie stick.)



LessPromo-GlassGlow-in-the-Dark: No party is complete without some glow-in-the-dark products! Wristbands, shot glasses, necklaces, even light-up ice cubes – we’ve got it all. Hosting a rave party at your bar or club? Putting together a midnight 5k run for charity? Custom glow-in-the-dark products are a must!



LessPromo-BBQBarbecue: Now that summertime is nearly here, we can emerge from our winter hibernation and head back outside. Items like custom printed BBQ accessory kits, grill covers, and aprons make ideal promotional products or gifts.



LessPromo-MugCoffee Mugs: “But wait, those are popular promo products!” you might say. Sure, custom printed ceramic coffee mugs might be a fairly popular category, but did you know just how many different mugs we offer? With thousands of mugs to choose from (seriously, we aren’t joking), we can confidently say we more than likely have a style that’s right for you.



tjmrockCustom Rocks: Choose this category and we’ll go out back and find the finest rocks to print your custom logo on. With a quarry very near our location, you can rest assured you’ll find plenty of variety with our custom rocks, ranging from smooth to jagged, large or small. Perfect for skipping across a lake or throwing contests with your friends!


There you have it: TJM Promotions has a promotional product for just about every situation you can imagine. With over 800,000 different products to choose from, we have plenty to offer for whatever you might have in mind!

P.S. We don’t actually offer custom rocks, but if it’s something you REALLY want, well, we’ll do our best to make it happen!