Let Us Help You and Your Students Have a Great School Year!

Educators, the new school year is drawing close! We know you’re looking forward to getting back into the classroom with your students. To help make this year a success, we offer a wide range of great back-to-school products you can use to keep your students safe, boost school spirit and celebrate achievement!

Top of the list, of course, is personal protective equipment. We offer multiple products, including customizable masks and bottles of hand sanitizer. Why not imprint both with your school mascot? Give your students a reason to wear a really cool mask and they’ll surely respond. And customized hand sanitizer again helps school spirit.

Beyond PPE, we offer a wide selection of products you can use to motivate your students to perform their best. From wristbands to coins to lanyards and more, we have what it takes to help you inspire young learners.

Student I.D. badges are a standard requirement in many schools today. Why not offer students custom lanyards to encourage wearing them? The school mascot or motto is a lot more fun than just a plain lanyard. And we all know that anything that encourages wearing and carrying an I.D. badge is a plus.

Custom wristbands are an outstanding way to reinforce special lesson plans such as Red Ribbon Week, geography lessons focusing on a particular country or region and special events. Give your students a little reminder they can use to remember the lessons you’re imparting.

If you want to reward specific achievements, custom coins are an excellent choice. Use them to celebrate accomplishments on standardized tests, completion of a specific unit, high performance each grading period and more. Whether you choose to present them in a classroom setting or schoolwide, they’re a perfect way to show students that you value their hard work, dedication and achievement.

On an everyday scale, we offer custom-printed pencils and pens as well. Pencils are especially well-suited for younger students.

Are you looking for fundraising items for your band, club, team or class trip? We have plenty of customizable items that are easy to sell, and don’t require you to pay 50% or more to a fundraising company. Watch the dollars roll in faster when you’re in charge of your own fundraising!

Don’t forget, we offer a full line of custom t-shirts, polos, hoodies and more. Whether for uniforms, teams or special occasions, we can supply your custom shirt needs.

Want to find out more about our great back-to-school options? Fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form, email us or call today. We look forward to helping you and your students have a fantastic school year!