Recognition Means Higher Performance, Lower Turnover

Is your staff morale as high as it could be? Is your company turnover as low as it could be?

Maybe not.

It’s long been established that companies do best when their employees feel valued and appreciated. If you’re not making your staff feel that way, you could be losing good people to competitors.

Studies have shown that even small acts of recognition don’t go unnoticed. People like it when their birthdays get remembered, or their company anniversaries. And when they achieve specific milestones, whether in sales, marketing, accounting, product development or other areas, they like to be recognized.

Both Big and Little Things Mean A Lot

One way you can do that is with custom employee recognition awards. There are lots of ways to say thanks to employees for their dedication and hard work. From the simplest stickers to plaques for Performer of the Week/Month/Year rewards, they all are meaningful.

Think about it. How often do you go into a restaurant or other business and see a plaque on the wall with Employee of the Month names on it? It’s a small way to show hard-working, often unsung employees that management values their contributions to the business’s success.

If you really want to honor major achievements such as annual sales goals and successful product rollouts, custom award plaques, trophies, crystal items and other tokens are ideal.

Let’s say your top sales performer achieves 150% above their goal for the year. Sure, a cash bonus is nice – and always welcome – but so is recognition in front of peers. A ceremony and plaque presentation at a company-wide ceremony is a great reward.

Remember Everyday Accomplishments

Big awards are great when you’re rewarding big achievements, but don’t forget the smaller accomplishments as well. Monthly awards of custom challenge coins or other rewards mean a lot in the day-to-day operations. Give employees something they can carry or display, and they’ll respond more positively to leadership.

Annual gatherings and anniversary awards are a popular way to recognize longevity with your organization. Consider increasing the size and value of the award in five- or ten-year increments. A nursing home in the Washington, D.C. area once honored a 35-year employee with a large-screen television, for example. The pride shone on his face when he stood before the staff assembly to receive it.

A good provider of custom products can help you choose the best rewards for just about any event, from graduation to sales conferences. To find out more about how you can boost your bottom line with custom awards, click here