In Sun or Rain, Custom Promo Products Shine

Here in Central Florida, the rainy season is beginning. Our nearly daily showers are just about predictable enough to set your watch by in the summer months. And that’s before we factor in the tropical storms and hurricanes. In between, we get hot, sunny days that stretch forever on the beach.

No matter what kind of weather, you can promote your brand with custom products. Rain or shine, it’s easy to keep your logo fresh in prospects’ minds.

Custom Products Can Save The Day

Take the most basic item – umbrellas. Available in a range of sizes from small individual protectors to giant golf umbrellas large enough for two or more, these simple wonders can promote your brand everywhere they go in the rain.

In fact, you don’t even need rain. Double-canopy sun shade umbrellas offer instant UV protection at the beach, the park or even in the back yard. They’re ideal for inclusion with high-end outdoor packages such as patio furniture.

What about something bigger? Let’s say your catering company has an outdoor wedding coming up. Whether it’s wilting heat or drenching rain, the bridal party and their guests will need protection from the elements.

Custom tents and canopies, available in multiple sizes, can save the day for the happy couple. With your logo or brand imprinted on them, they can promote your company to other prospective brides and grooms in attendance too.

For something smaller that customers can appreciate in stormy weather, go for items such as power banks. Loss of electricity in a storm can lead to concerns about keeping a cell phone, tablet, or laptop charged. You can ease those worries with a handy little device imprinted with your brand.

Staying hydrated is a must in the summer heat. Help your customers chill out with custom coolers imprinted with your logo.

To promote your logo in a fun way, consider custom imprinted flying discs. Custom golf accessories are also an excellent way to stay the course with customer interest.

No matter what the season, custom promotional products are available to boost your bottom line and brand awareness.