Using Promotional Products the Right Way

Promotional Products

Promotional products are old-fashioned relics in an era of digital marketing, right? Wrong. Using promotional products, the right way can raise brand awareness and boost your bottom line significantly.

TJM Promos is your one-stop source for more than 800,000 top quality promotional products. We’ve been in the business for 15 years, so we know how to get maximum branding performance from your promotional products.

Our customers report that custom imprinted promo products offer significant benefits. Used well, many products can help keep your products top-of-mind with consumers and businesses alike.

Choose the Right Products

To use custom products effectively, consider several factors:

  • Relevance to your business, organization or cause
  • Quality of the product you’re offering
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Speed of return, particularly for fundraising products

Let’s start with a simple product – custom wristbands. They’re ideal for fundraising purposes, for example. Here’s why:

  • You can order them imprinted with a message specific to your organization, team or cause.

Whether it’s disaster relief, scientific research or support for your local marching band, your only limitation is what fits on the wristband.

  • When you order from a reputable supplier such as TJM, you can count on getting top quality 100% medical grade silicone wristbands.

Quality Counts! You don’t want cheap wristbands that break soon after people receive them.

  • The more you order, the less they cost per piece, and the greater the return.

Your return adds up fast. You generate more money for your cause.

  • They sell fast, which is especially helpful for emergency relief efforts.

Lady Gaga raised $250,000 for Japanese hurricane/tsunami/nuclear disaster relief in just 48 hours. On a smaller scale, a school in Ohio raised $5,000 for Haiti hurricane relief in less than three weeks.

  • They continue to sell, which raises significant funds over the longer term.

Those Lady Gaga wristbands eventually raised more than $1.5 million for Japan disaster relief. Or consider the famous yellow wristbands that started the trend. They’ve raised millions of dollars for cancer research over the years.

High-Value Gifts for High-Value Clients, Vendors, and Staff

If you want to show employees, customers or vendors that you appreciate them, consider upscale promotional items. Custom insulated drinkware from brands such as Yeti or RTIC can be laser engraved with your brand or logo quite reasonably. These popular items will get frequent use, with each use reminding users where it came from and promoting your brand to others as well.

For a business environment, custom apparel is a popular promotional item. Outfit your staff with custom polos or tee shirts and you’re increasing brand awareness with every public interaction they have. At TJM, we offer a full line of custom imprinted polos, tees and hoodies from quality manufacturers such as Hanes and Under Armour.

Trade Show Giveaways Can Yield Big Results

Giveaway items for trade shows and conventions offer great dividends if they’re used right. The secret is to give show attendees something they will use. Forget the cheap ballpoint pens. Go for low-cost items that people will see value in. USB drives, for example, can be imprinted with your logo or brand. So can power blocks and other small tech accessories. It’s all about putting something that people will use regularly, with your brand or logo on it, into people’s hands.

Even basic products offer value in the right circumstances. Take custom lanyards, for example. They’re an excellent giveaway product at trade shows, conventions, and conferences. Unlike the flimsy clip-on I.D. badge holders often used at such events, they’re hard to lose. Unlike pin-on badge holders, they don’t leave holes in clothing. It’s something people appreciate, and the more lanyard imprinted with your logo you give away, the more you increase your brand visibility throughout the event.

Custom printed tote bags are another great example. Preload them with your product or service information sheets, and hand them out at your exhibit booth. Attendees will be grateful to have something they can use to conveniently carry the promotional items they receive from others. They will gladly carry your logo – printed nice and big on the sides of the bag – throughout the convention hall. That, in turn, will drive others to your booth as well.

Custom Coins Reward Dedication and Build Team Unity

Custom coins have long been a valued part of U.S. military life. In recent years, they have become popular icons for fire and police departments and emergency medical services as well.

Custom challenge coins are an excellent way to boost cohesiveness among members of a squad, team or battalion. Created with a unit-specific design, they represent the bond of shared experiences among team members. Alternatively, they can be presented formally as a reward for distinguished service. At TJM Promos, our artists are always glad to help you craft the perfect design for your organization, one your members will carry and display proudly.

If You Can Imagine It, We Have It

We are a full line promotional products supplier, offering more than 800,000 different products that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you need custom pens, apparel, drinkware, dog tags, lapel pins, office supplies, tech accessories or virtually any other product, we’ve got what you need. We back everything we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and we’re proud to offer the finest customer service in the industry.

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