December 7th – 13th Employee of the Week: Matt Lee

From now through the end of December, we’ve decided to hold an Employee of the Week contest. Everyone in the office votes on who they think deserves the distinction for that week, with the winner taking home an extra $50 and the respect and adoration of their fellow employees.

For the week of December 7th – 13th, the winner was none other than our warehouse employee Matt Lee. Matt goes above and beyond by not only handling warehouse duties such as shipping and receiving or manufacturing wristbands and dog tags, he’s also constantly asking every department what he can do to help.

Matt is always willing to help with whatever you ask of him, and no task is too small or too big. Not only is he willing to help, he never complains, and always has a smile and maintains a friendly attitude. We all have bad days, but you would never know it with Matt. He’s always there when you need him.

Just look at some of the comments we received this week about Matt:

“My choice for most helpful would be Matt. He’s always going out of his way to come ask us if we need anything.”

“Always seems so happy and ready to help anyone with anything! Nice, nice person and very helpful.”

“Always upbeat with a smile on his face.  He never complains, and will tackle any task that is given to him.  He is always very positive and in my opinion an asset to our company!”

“He changed my tire once. That actually happened. He actually changed my tire.”

So here’s to you, Matt! You’re definitely one of the most helpful and friendly people we know, and we’re proud to consider you part of the TJM family. We look forward to many more weeks/months/years working with you, and congratulations on being Employee of the Week for December 7th -13th!