101 Creative Ways to Use Promotional Products This Season

101 Creative Ways to Use Promotional Products This Season

Ready to rock this holiday season? 🎄✨ Discover 101 creative ways promotional products can add a dash of magic to your holidays. From boosting your brand's visibility to spreading cheer, we’ve got ideas that will make you the star of the season.

Mike Wall

Get ready to deck your brand's halls with cheer! Promotional products are not just gifts; they're your secret to a memorable holiday season. From unique decorations to practical office supplies, we've got a sleigh full of ideas (101 to be exact!) to make your holidays merry and bright. So, let's jingle all the way through this festive list!

Decorations and Ornaments (1-10)

  1. Branded Ornaments: Custom ornaments with your logo.
  2. LED Lights: Featuring your brand colors.
  3. Holiday Banners: Festive banners for office or events.
  4. Custom Flags: Seasonal flags with your products or logo elements.
  5. Branded Table Runners: For holiday dinners or events.
  6. Logo Snow Globes: A wintry scene with your brand.
  7. Festive Balloons: With your logo for holiday parties.
  8. Custom Stockings: Hung with care, featuring your brand.
  9. Holiday Greeting Cards: Personalized cards with your branding.
  10. Holiday-Themed Window Decals: For stores or office windows.

Wearables and Accessories (11-20)

  1. Branded Hats: Embroidered hats or beanies with your logo.
  2. Branded Scarves: Keeping them warm with your brand.
  3. Custom Socks: Festive designs with your logo.
  4. Holiday T-Shirts: Fun, branded holiday designs.
  5. Branded Gloves: Touchscreen-friendly, with your logo.
  6. Custom Pins & Brooches: Holiday-themed with your brand.
  7. Logo Neckties/Bowties: For the office holiday party.
  8. Custom Hoodies: For cozy holiday wear and lounging.
  9. Custom Face Masks: With festive prints and your logo.
  10. Holiday-themed Lanyards: For office badges or keys.

Office and Tech Gadgets (21-30)

  1. Branded Calendars: For the upcoming year.
  2. Logo Pens: Always handy, with a festive touch.
  3. Custom Notebooks: For holiday planning or gifting.
  4. Branded USB Drives: In festive shapes or colors.
  5. Logo Earbuds: For the holiday playlist.
  6. Custom Mouse Pads: With festive designs.
  7. Branded Phone Cases: Holiday-themed protection.
  8. Logo Chargers: Keeping devices charged.
  9. Custom Webcam Covers: For privacy and brand visibility.
  10. Branded Tech Organizers: To keep gadgets in check.

Kitchen and Home (31-40)

  1. Custom Mugs: For holiday beverages.
  2. Branded Wine Glasses: For the holiday toast.
  3. Logo Coasters: Protect surfaces in style.
  4. Custom Cutting Boards: For holiday meal prep.
  5. Branded Aprons: For festive cooking.
  6. Logo Bottle Openers: For holiday cheers.
  7. Custom Candy Jars: Ideal for holiday treats, perfect as a memorable gift.
  8. Branded Oven Mitts: Safety with a brand reminder.
  9. Logo Serving Trays: For holiday treats.
  10. Custom Tea Towels: Functional and festive.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainability (41-50)

  1. Reusable Bags: With a holiday theme.
  2. Branded Bamboo Utensils: Eco-friendly and useful.
  3. Custom Water Bottles: Sustainable hydration.
  4. Logo Tote Bags: For holiday shopping.
  5. Branded Planters: Grow a plant with your brand.
  6. Custom Seed Packets: For a green gift.
  7. Logo Beeswax Wraps: Eco-friendly food storage.
  8. Branded Recycled Notebooks: For eco-conscious note-taking.
  9. Custom Solar Chargers: Eco-friendly tech gift.
  10. Logo Reusable Straws: A small step for sustainability.

Festive Fun and Games (51-60)

  1. Branded Puzzles: With your logo or product images.
  2. Custom Playing Cards: For holiday game nights.
  3. Branded Board Games: Customized classics.
  4. Logo Rubik’s Cubes: A challenging branded puzzle.
  5. Custom Bag Toss Game: An outdoor holiday fun favorite.
  6. Branded Frisbees: For a game of catch.
  7. Custom Coloring Books: Holiday themes with your brand.
  8. Custom Bean Bags: Branded bean bags for festive tossing games.
  9. Logo Stress Balls: Shaped like holiday icons.
  10. Custom Puzzle Games: Branded fun for holiday gatherings.

Travel and Outdoor (61-70)

  1. Branded Luggage Tags: For holiday travels.
  2. Custom Travel Pillows: Branded comfort on the go.
  3. Branded Outdoor Blankets: For a cozy outdoor gathering.
  4. Logo Travel Mugs: Keep drinks warm on the move.
  5. Custom Sunglasses: Branded eye protection.
  6. Branded Car Organizers: For holiday road trips.
  7. Custom First Aid Kits: Safety first, with your brand.
  8. Branded Binoculars: For winter birdwatching.
  9. Logo Coolers: For holiday picnics or events.
  10. Custom Flashlights: Handy for winter evenings.

Health and Wellness (71-80)

  1. Branded Fitness Trackers: For holiday health.
  2. Custom Yoga Mats: With your logo for relaxation.
  3. Branded Water Bottles: Hydration with a festive touch.
  4. Logo Hand Sanitizers: Health-conscious branding.
  5. Custom Lip Balms: Branded care for winter lips.
  6. Branded Pill Organizers: For health and wellness.
  7. Custom Thermometers: A practical holiday gift.
  8. Branded Aromatherapy Diffusers: For a relaxing ambiance.
  9. Logo Fitness Bands: Encouraging holiday fitness.
  10. Branded Stress Reliever: Branded stress balls to relieve that holiday tension.

Gifts and Keepsakes (81-90)

  1. Custom Photo Frames: With your logo, for memories.
  2. Branded Keychains: A small but effective gift.
  3. Logo Snow Globes: A wintry scene with your brand.
  4. Custom Bookmarks: For holiday reading.
  5. Branded Candles: Aromatic branding.
  6. Logo Jewelry Boxes: A classy touch.
  7. Custom Teddy Bears: Cuddly and branded.
  8. Custom Notebooks: Personalized journals for note-taking and planning.
  9. Logo Pendants: Wearable branding.
  10. Custom Holiday Cards: Personalized greetings.

For Pets (91-100)

  1. Branded Pet Toys: Fun for furry friends.
  2. Custom Pet Collars: With your logo.
  3. Branded Pet Bowls: For holiday feasting.
  4. Logo Pet Blankets: Cozy branding for pets.
  5. Custom Pet Bandanas: Stylish and branded.
  6. Branded Pet Leashes: For festive walks.
  7. Pet Bag Dispenser: Convenient, branded dispensers for pet waste bags.
  8. Custom Pet Mat: Personalized mats for pets' comfort and feeding areas.
  9. Branded Lint Rollers: Essential for pet owners, customized with your logo.
  10. Dog Tags: Customized identification tags for pets' safety and style.

The Final Touch: Wrapping It All Up (101)

  1. Custom Gift Wrapping Paper: Featuring your logo or brand colors. The perfect final touch to any promotional product gift!

And there you have it - 101 festive, fun, and brand-boosting ways to use promotional products this holiday season!

Whether you're gifting, decorating, or just spreading holiday cheer, there’s a promotional product that fits the bill. Remember, it's not just about the item; it's about the message and the memories you create. So, explore our collection and let’s make this holiday season the most memorable one yet!

Mike Wall

Mike Wall

TD of Marketing and Development

Mike Wall is the Technical Director of Marketing and Development at TJM Promos, Inc. With over a decade in the industry, he's not only an expert in designing promotional items but is also a seasoned programmer, musician, and digital sculptor. Beyond his professional pursuits, Mike is a passionate advocate for local arts, dedicating his spare time to promoting and supporting his local arts community.