Anticipation: Looking forward to 2023!

Anticipation: Looking forward to 2023!

We're looking forward to another great year here at TJM!

Rick Cundiff

It’s a new year, and we can’t wait for new adventures! It’s all about anticipation (cue Carly Simon song) here at TJM HQ. Here are a few of the things we’re looking forward to in 2023:

Shannon Moore

Every year the unexpected happens, so I'm also looking forward to the surprises that the new year will bring!

I am also looking forward to adjusting to having two kids.  That is a new experience for sure.

Rick Cundiff

My wife and I are looking forward to having more opportunities to travel this year. Oh, and maybe, if the stars align, Hamilton tickets somewhere within 300 miles of us.

Shawna Ray 

I'm no good at setting new year resolutions, ‘cause that means accountability...right? Ha ha.

Anyways, I'm thinking I'm looking forward to discovering myself again, working on my mental and physical health, finding a new healthy hobby, saving all the money I can, and creating new fun adventures with my daughter and dog.

Matt Maio

This year I’m looking forward to two pretty big milestones in my life. In September I’ll be turning 40 and then in October will be my 10th wedding anniversary. Its all downhill from there! [Editor’s note: Been there, done that a while ago in both cases, Matt. It’s all good!]

Adynne Gonzalez  

To keep learning new things each day and knowledge.

Matt Fischer 

I am looking forward to watching my daughter take her first steps and speak her first words.  Becoming a father has been such a rewarding experience and has truly changed my life and with that I am also looking forward to seeing how I will continue to grow as a person this year.

Deanna Thomas  

I am looking forward to seeing what this year brings! This is going to be an interesting and exciting year for my family. Our daughter is in her last year of middle school and prepping for high school, which blows my mind that I am about to have a high schooler in the house.

We're learning that there is a lot that goes on with the transition from middle school to high school, I remember the simpler days, ha ha. Other than that, I look forward to learning and growing more with TJM Promos, very excited to be a part of this amazing team!

Rick Cundiff

Rick Cundiff

Content Director, Blogger

Rick Cundiff spent 15 years as a newspaper journalist before joining TJM Promos. He has been researching and writing about promotional products for more than 10 years. He believes in the Oxford comma, eradicating the word "utilize," and Santa Claus.