Custom PPE Supports Your Promotional Goals

Custom PPE Supports Your Promotional Goals

Protect your staff and customers and promote brand awareness at the same time with custom personal protective equipment

Rick Cundiff

Things don’t always go the way we plan, do they? We kinda expected to be free of face masks, hand sanitizer and the like by now. Instead, the threat of Covid-19 is still with us, a reality we have to deal with.

That’s why we still offer custom personal protective equipment. If you have to use PPE, there’s no reason not to customize it with your brand or logo. It’s a small thing, sure. But it’s one more low cost way to extend your brand awareness campaign.

We offer a range of protective equipment, including masks you can custom imprint with your logo or brand. Our full color imprint is colorful enough to accurately represent virtually any logo. We also offer economical blank cotton masks as well.

Hand sanitizer makes an excellent giveaway product for just about any kind of group gathering, large or small. We offer individual bottles you can customize with your logo to keep your brand in the hands of potential customers every day. We have large bottle for your countertops as well. Or go for our combination cloth mask and sanitizer kit for total protection.

Of course, we still offer our full range of promotional products as well. You’re not locked in to any one product when you buy from us. And our experienced sales staff is always happy to help you choose the right mix of products to most effectively promote your brand.

That mix is truly the key to success with promotional products. By offering a range of products – including PPE for now – you give potential customers the widest possible range of ways to interact with  your brand.

You can depend on us to have customizable personal protection items for your staff and customers as long as there’s a need. Call, email or fill out our no-obligation free quote form today to find out more.