Custom Products for Brand Awareness and Sales Conversion

Custom Products for Brand Awareness and Sales Conversion

Custom promotional products are outstanding ways to both build brand awareness and close sales. Here are a few products that stand out for those purposes.

Rick Cundiff

When it comes to marketing with custom promotional products, there are two key aspects to keep in mind – brand awareness and sales conversion. A two-pronged approach to these linked objectives is the best way to optimize both.

Brand Awareness: A First Step

Success in today’s marketplace isn’t easy. Look around at your local supermarket. Pick any row, any product category. The range of brands and choices is staggering.

And so it is with just about everything else we buy. Consumers today have more options than ever before. Your challenge as a marketer is to make your brand stand out in a sea of others.

Just getting attention is a battle. Between streaming services, video games, social media and other distractions, it’s far too easy for your message to get lost in the background noise.

Custom promotional products give you a fighting chance to break through the clutter. Having your brand or logo out in front of prospective customers means they’re more likely to remember you when they’re shopping for your product or service.

Best Products for Brand Awareness

There’s no real secret to raising brand awareness. Your goal is to get your logo out there in front of as many people as possible. To do that effectively, you have to offer prospective customers value. Give them something they can use.

Fortunately, there are plenty of custom promotional products that fit that description. Here are five products that offer great value and excellent exposure for your brand.

Branded Pens

Yawn. Custom pens. They’ve been around forever. Why should they be part of your marketing mix?

That’s easy. Custom imprinted pens have been around forever for just one simple reason – they work. You see them everywhere. Look around your office or home. Chances are you have multiple branded pens within easy sight and reach right now.

Pens are a fantastic value. They give potential customers something they can use. People tend to keep them, in pockets or purses, on desks or in the car for months. And every time they reach for one, there’s your brand, and ideally, your contact information, right there in front of them. They’re a cost-effective giveaway for trade shows, conventions and meetings of all sorts.

Custom Tote Bags

Tote bags are an increasingly popular custom promo. People like to use them repeatedly, even daily, for shopping, travel and more. A large imprint area makes it easy for your logo to be seen. Choose durable materials and you’ll have a promotional item working for your brand in public for a long time.

Custom Drinkware

In recent years, custom mugs and tumblers have really come into their own as a way to promote your brand. Insulated tumblers than can go to the beach or the boardroom have taken up a place at the forefront of brand awareness.

Custom Flash Drives

There’s an old cliché that says “you can never be too thin or too rich.” In modern data driven society, the more accurate version is “you can never have too much storage.” You can have custom USB drives imprinted with your logo AND pre-loaded with your brand’s presentations, brochures or other useful information. These make excellent giveaways for trade shows, especially tech-related ones such as CES.

Custom Apparel

Custom T-shirts are a timeless, classic promotional product. For raising awareness of your brand or logo, it’s hard to beat a bunch of people walking around wearing it.

There’s more to custom branded apparel than t-shirts, though. Branded polos, jackets and caps are a way to make your staff look professional and enhance their standing with prospective customers.

The products above are all excellent means of raising awareness of your brand and eventually increasing sales. Now let’s consider some products that can more directly lead to sales.

Custom Products for Sales Conversions

When it comes to converting leads into customers, there’s no “magic bullet.” A combination of the right product or service to solve a customer’s challenges and the right price ultimately win the day. But for customers on the verge of selecting your product or service, some promotional products can tip the scales a bit toward “yes.” The key is to give the customer extra value from your promotional items. Here are a few examples:

Custom Power Banks

If you travel or need to use to use a cell phone, tablet or laptop regularly out of the office, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of a low battery. Portable power banks are the way to avoid running out of juice at the wrong time. Add your logo imprint, and you can give your customers, current or prospective, a way to solve that problem. And you’re doing so in a way that gives them a positive impression of your brand. That little bit of help at just the time they need it can be just the boost they need to make a buying decision.

Custom Notebooks

Despite the proliferation of electronic devices today, many people still prefer pen and paper for taking notes. Custom imprinted notebooks or journals are a terrific way to keep your brand, contact details and even a call to action right in a customer’s pocket. Couple it with a custom pen and/or stylus and you have a winning combination.

Custom Product Samples

If you want to give prospective customers an opportunity to see exactly what you can do for them, nothing tops custom product samples. High-quality samples of your work are the best ambassadors for your product or service. They can be instrumental in driving a customer’s decision to purchase.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the goal of any promotional plan is to boost your profile in the community and increase your sales. To be effective, you need to connect with your customers, relate to their concerns and offer something that can solve a problem for them. Custom promotional products can be a highly effective part of your marketing mix. If you’d like more information about how to best customize products for your prospective customers, call or email us today. We’re here to help.