Customer Spotlight: Aviation Soul

Customer Spotlight: Aviation Soul

Aviation Soul celebrates the joy of flight. We're privileged to help them.

Rick Cundiff

The sky has called to Alan Johnson since he was a boy.

“From a young age, I gazed at the sky, dreaming of exploring what laid beyond. Witnessing a shuttle launch in Florida ignited a deep awe within me, fueling my unwavering attention whenever a plane flies overhead,” he noted.

Johnson followed his dream to learn to fly. Recalling his father’s experience with custom challenge coins as a U.S. Navy Senior Chief, he sought a way to honor and recognize pilots as they achieved milestones in their training and experience. He and his wife founded Aviation Soul to provide high-quality challenge coins to aviation enthusiasts, pilots and aviation industry professionals.

“We believe in the significance challenge coins can have in celebrating your accomplishments and we recognize the power of the coins in fostering pride and camaraderie,” he said. “Knowing that family members purchase these coins for their loved ones and witnessing instructors presenting our coins to newly soloed students or newly certified pilots fills our hearts with joy. We envision the recipient cherishing these coins for years to come, evoking powerful memories and emotions from those remarkable moments.”

Not Just a Business

For Johnson and his wife Meredith, the company is more than just a business.

“Aviation Soul isn't just a name; it's our way of thinking and living. Our challenge coins carry the soul of aviation, the dedication of pilots, and the thrill of reaching new heights.”

When Aviation Soul needed a supplier for custom challenge coins, an Internet search led Johnson to, part of TJM Promos.

“Google searching for challenge coins. CC4L seemed to be the most reputable site compared to the other vendors,” Johnson said. “Quality of coin samples was unmatched and the customer service has been great ever since.”

We’ve had the privilege of serving as the company’s provider of custom challenge coins, stickers, shirts, polos, tank tops, and hats for the past five years.

“TJM/CC4L has been pivotal in our success. If it weren’t for their attention to detail, quick turnaround and great products, we wouldn’t be able to survive,” he said.

Custom Coins For All Aspects of Aviation

Aviation Soul offers custom coins to celebrate virtually every aspect of flight training, from first solo to multi-engine rating. Other designs include coins for Certified Flight Instructor, instrument rating, aircraft mechanic and more.

“We’re currently up to 24 unique designs and plan to continue adding more every year,” Johnson said. “Our most popular products are custom coins we have created for clients and photos from our exhibitor booth at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin -- the Super Bowl of Aviation.”


Customer response to the coins has been positive.

“Our customers are thrilled when they see our coins! Many people have commented about it being a nice weight, saying it feels nice and not light and chintzy,” he said. “We have received over 200 five-star reviews!”

Praise for Customer Service

Johnson praised our customer service as well.

“The design team has been great at making the coin designs pop for us! Our initial impression when researching coin companies has not been let down. CC4L has been easy to work with,” he said. “Communication and turnaround has been wonderful.

You’ve gone to bat for us on any errors and righted wrongs whenever possible. Production and shipping are quick and the back and forth for design is effortless … Sure, we could go elsewhere and find cheap coins, but we appreciate the quality and service we get from CC4L”

“Thank you for being our partners for 5 years,” he added. “We look forward to many more years of doing business with TJM!”

Thank you as well, Alan. We look forward to continuing to work with Aviation Soul to help promote the joy and wonder of flight for years to come.

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